Bulletin Board

Board of Directors Meeting

Board of Directors meeting March 25, 2021 – 7:00 PM at 8101 Baumler Ct.

The 2021 Annual Dues letters are in the mail. Please pay your annual dues by February 1, 2021

Auto Theft in the 7th Division has gone up the past couple weeks. This time of year we usually see an increase in auto thefts due to people leaving their cars running in the colder weather. It appears this is starting back up, and I want to make sure we are getting the message out to prevent these crimes from occurring. While it is tempting to warm up our cars on a cold morning or run into the gas station really quick while leaving the car running, these opportunities are …

Be alert and vigilant especially if you have cars outside of garages!!!

Please be advised there still are reports of coyote sightings in the area. Please take necessary steps to safeguard small children and animals.

Did you just sell that long-forgotten item online? Are you looking for a public place to exchange this item? Do you share custody of a child and are looking for somewhere to exchange custody?

The Louisville Metro Police Department is providing MetroSWAP Zones around the city. These areas are located outside of some of our Divisions. There is 24 hour video surveillance. 

Tips for using MetroSWAP:

Agree to meet the person ONLY at a MetroSWAP station.Meet only during daylight hours.Tell someone you trust where you are meeting and at what time.Meet in the …