We have uniform mailboxes which were installed by Duggins Co., Inc. Here is a price list for any Rehab or Repair work anyone may need for their mail post and boxes. This price list was presented for May of 2013. They do not paint the existing mailbox itself, this is replaced as is the address plate. All or just some of the (3) following: New Box, New Plate, Repaint can be done. Below prices may change.

Mailbox only $45.00

New Address Plate $35.00

Sand, Paint Unit $40.00

New numbers for Address Plate $1.40 per number

If repairs involve welding or replacing parts the following prices apply: Weld $115.00

New Paperbox $25.00 New Decorative Casting $15.00 Entire New Unit $235.00 (Includes Remove of Old, Installation)

If boxes need to be reset, this is a $55.00 charge. If any questions or in need of their services call: Duggins Co., Inc. 1116 Ulrich Av. Louisville, KY 502-966-5774