2015 General Meeting Glenmary East Sections 1&2

2015 General Meeting Glenmary East Sections 1&2

April 16, 2015

The notices were mailed by USPS on April 10, 2015 including a proxy for each lot of the HOA. The meeting was conducted at the Glenmary Clubhouse at 10200 Glenmary Farm Dr. Seven (7) proxies were returned to the Secretary prior to the 24 hour deadline and all proxies were signed and time dated by Sharon McDermott, Secretary. All proxies are filed with the office of the Secretary; 4 proxies from Herring Ct, 1 from Baumler Ct and 2 from Baumler Pl. The sign-in sheets of the attendees for the meeting are filed with the office of the Secretary.

Board Members in attendance: Jim Overturf, President. Lonnie Wright, Vice-President. Karen Bickel, Treasurer. Sharon McDermott, Secretary. Ken Bickel, Henry Ford and Louis Holzknecht, Directors of the Board. Five (5) members in good standing were present and listed on the sign-in sheets. With the seven (7) proxies, this was enough members for a quorum. No guests were present.

Meeting called to order at 7:15 p.m.

The minutes from the 2014 General Meeting were read by Secretary Sharon McDermott and a motion to accept the minutes was put to the floor; seconded and passed.

The President, Mr. Overturf, requested volunteers for the election committee if needed. Brenda Overturf and George McDermott volunteered and were accepted by the members. A motion was put to the floor for any nominations for the six (6) board positions that were up for election. There were no nominations; a motion was presented to keep the present Board members; seconded and passed.

Treasurer Report was presented with hand outs of the Operating Budget for 2015 and the current financial statement. There was a discussion of costs that our budget covers; snow removal, landscape maintenance at the entrance, electric for entrance and lamp post and water for entrance. Suggestions were made by the members for types of mulch to use at the entrance to save monies. Rock, which is too messy for the neighbors connected to the entrance land area, or maybe the rubber mulch, which is also very expensive and it too fades after time. The amount of snow before plowing is employed was discussed. Factors that affect this matter are the cost for each time the equipment has to make the passes to the streets. The depth was 6-inches and the board has decreased this to be 5-inches. It is a flat community and the cost demands that we keep this to control the budget amount allowed for this service. The company that had been contracted failed to follow up with the agreement for this year, so the Board has contracted Mr. Jason Scott, who is a member of our HOA community and therefore gives our streets a better chance of prompt service. Mr. Bickel and Mr. Overturf explained how the entrance lumber of the sign and back walls must be painted and treated approximately every other year, and that some of the board members themselves volunteer to do the work to keep costs down. A motion was made to accept the budget; seconded and passed.

The President, Mr. Overturf, took the floor and discussed the community in general. He reminded the members that our community is a No Solicitation Neighborhood. If anyone comes door to door and tries to say they have a permit, our rules override whatever they claim to have. If they will not leave, call 311 and if they have threatening actions, call 911. He informed the meeting that our street care and sidewalk repair are the responsibility of Metro Government. In 2013 a weather condition made the Trick or Treat night confusing. The Board has since decided that we will follow the actions of Glenmary proper to keep the communities uniform. The budget was discussed for a possible increase in dues because we are barely making it to the end of each yearly budget. Utilities have increased, landscape fees have increased; just like we face in our own households, but the dues have not increased and it is very difficult to meet all needs much less have anything extra to set aside for unforeseen expenses as with the driver who knocked down one of the lamp posts destroying our street signs to a cost of five-hundred (500) dollars. The floor was opened to questions. One main concern was the speed humps. Mr. Overturf and Mr. Wright explained that the matter had been investigated with the Metro Council. Mr. Parry asked whether we could just put in our own speed humps and pay by a Special Assessment to the all the homes of our community. Mr. Overturf said he would revisit this matter with Councilman Robin Engel and see if this would change the status of our streets from public status, where the Government does the maintenance, or if this would cause our roads to be classified as private and then becomes our cost to maintain. Ms. Bevel of Herring Court would like a larger No Outlet sign for her street, they get a lot of turn-around traffic and the end of the court is not friendly for this maneuver of the vehicles. Mr. Bickel said he would check on design and cost of signs and the method to make them more noticeable. The cost could affect the timing for this matter due to the tight budget.

New Business was the presentation of a revision for the Covenant. Some of the articles were vague in their definition, so wording was added to Article 12 (a) and (b), Article 14 (a) and (b), Article 23 and Article 27. These proposed revisions were posted on our Web Site days prior to the meeting, but hard copies were passed out to the attendees at the meeting. Ms. McDermott read and explained the revisions to the membership and a motion was made to accept the revisions; the motion was seconded and passed by a hand count.

Mr. Overturf thanked those that attended and the 2015 General Meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

Minutes respectfully submitted: Sharon McDermott, Secretary Glenmary East Section 1&2 HOA 4/21/15

Accepted: Jim Overturf, Ken Bickel, Louis Holzknecht, Henry Ford, Jr., Karen Bickel, Sharon McDermott