2018 Annual HOA Meeting

Glenmary East HOA Annual Members Meeting Minutes – 04/17/2018

Place: 11312 Baumler Pl. Lou. KY 40291

Called to Order 7:07 PM. by Jim Overturf, President

Attendees: Jim Overturf, Henry Ford, Lonnie Wright, Louis Holzknecht, Sharon McDermott and 7 homeowners in good standing. We received 3 proxies from members in good standing which totaled 15 households to reach the needed number for a quorum.

Type of Meeting: Annual Meeting

Facilitator: Jim Overturf

Note taker: Sharon McDermott

Notice of meeting and proxies with instructions were delivered by USPS according to Covenant.

Officer Reports:

Secretary: Sign in sheet and proxies were verified by Secretary, Sharon McDermott. All are members in good standing and meet the percent for a quorum. The minutes of the 2017 Annual meeting were read to the members.

Treasurer: Mr. Holzknecht discussed the budget and gave a copy to all attendees. He explained all the expenses and plans for the upgrade to the entrance wall. The check register is posted on our Web site at all times for the members to view. A lot of money has been saved by the Board doing the maintenance at the entrance.

Mr. Overturf, President, addressed the membership for questions or suggestions. One of the members remarked about how many trees in the neighborhood have recently been cut down by the homeowner. Mr. Overturf and Mr. Wright talked about the Covenant rules which states the issue of trees in the front of the home. There were explanations in regard to types of trees and the beautification and importance for the environment these trees provide.

Mr. Overturf inquired if anyone had any problems from the AT&T work completed for the fiber optic lines run through the neighborhood. Some did but called and the company added more seed. Mr. Overturf did rate most of the yards in good condition, but a few neighbors’ yards are mostly weeds.

Mr. Litsey of Herring Ct mentioned a possible peeper or perhaps someone trying to see what is inside and that it was reported, Tony Fawbush had a vehicle in his drive that had been broken into and when he called the Police, they no longer make runs on such matters unless a gun was taken. The Police just do the report by phone. Mr. Litsey wanted suggestions for what measures he could do to keep people from driving up into his yard when they try to turn around at the end of Herring Ct.

Concrete cones were suggested. Mr. Litsey also had some concerns regarding snow and ice removal. Herring Ct., like Baumler Pl. and Baumler Ct, do not have much traffic so it takes longer to wear the road conditions down to the pavement. Ice is a problem it is very hard to treat due to the short period of time to apply the chemicals. The treatments used are so susceptible to rain and temperature. Mr. Wright explained with our subdivision being totally flat, the 5-inch snow is a logical marker for plowing. Mr. Flood of Baumler Pl. has knowledge of these chemicals and how the weather can affect their action on the surface and the environment. The Board made note of the concerns and will check with our snow removal person for more suggestions.

Mr. Overturf tried to get some input for their opinions of the tree requirements from the members who attended but no one had any comments.

Mr. Overturf called the meeting to adjournment at 7:50 PM.

Minutes submitted by Sharon McDermott, Secretary, Glenmary East Sect. 1&2 HOA,

April 24, 2018

Approved: Henry Ford, Louis Holzknecht, Jim Overturf, Sharon McDermott