2019 Annual Meeting Minutes

Glenmary East HOA Annual Members Meeting Minutes – 04/23/2019

Place: 11312 Baumler Pl. Lou. KY 40291

Called to Order 7:05 PM. by Jim Overturf, President

Attendees: Jim Overturf, Henry Ford, Lonnie Wright, Louis Holzknecht, Sharon McDermott and 11 homeowners in good standing. We received 6 proxies of members in good standing which totaled 17 households to reach the needed number for a quorum.

Type of Meeting: Annual Meeting

Facilitator: Jim Overturf

Note taker: Sharon McDermott

Notice of meeting and proxies with instructions were delivered by USPS according to Covenant.

Officers Reports:

Secretary: Sign in sheet and proxies were verified by Secretary, Sharon McDermott. All are members in good standing and meet the percent for a quorum. The minutes of the 2018 Annual meeting were read to the members.


Mr. Holzknecht discussed the budget and gave a copy to all attendees. He explained all the expenses and plans for the upgrade to the entrance wall. The check register is posted on our Web site at all times for the members to view. A lot of money has been saved by the Board doing the maintenance at the entrance and not needing snow removal. A motion to accept the financial report was made and accepted by all present.

Mr. Overturf, President, addressed the membership for questions or suggestions. Mr. Overturf explained that all of the Board Members were up for re-election except for Mr. Holzknecht, whose term expires in 2020. He asked for anyone who might be interested in joining the Board and Mr. Michael Baker said that he would be interested. A motion was made to keep the present Board Members and to also add Mr. Baker to Board. The motion was seconded and passed by all present. Mr. Overturf discussed the general condition of the neighborhood and that the Covenant should apply equally to all. And then he addressed Mr. Wright on his report to improve the wording of the Covenant in section 11 regarding trees and placement thereof for the homeowners. Mr. Wright distributed copies of the existing section with the proposed changes to the membership. A discussion followed explaining why it is so important for the community to maintain our neighborhood with quality maintenance including trees. The members had some questions and they were answered by Mr. Wright. Ms. McDermott made a motion to accept the Covenant changes and was seconded by Ms. Debbie Baker, the members voted by a show of hands and all accepted.

Mr. Overturf discussed the suggested parking on the streets with Derby and Graduation parties approaching. He reminded the members that there is a reason. Fire Trucks come to an emergency first. The recent changes in the Covenant last year regarding the fences were discussed and the complaints of the barking dogs and what type of action that we can and cannot pursue to correct that problem was heard.

Some members had questions about the new construction of the new road for the Bates School and the shopping center. Some members had some input and Mr. Wright had some information.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:50 pm.

Meeting minutes submitted by: Sharon McDermott, Secretary 04/28/2019

Approved: Henry Ford, Jim Overturf, Lonnie Wright, Sharon McDermott, Michael Baker