Annual Meeting: April 11, 2013

Annual Meeting, April 11, 2013

The meeting was held at Promised Land Community Church, 7710 Bardstown Rd. Lou. KY.40291

Meeting called to order at 7:12 pm and a count of membership and 1 proxy with verification of membership standing was confirmed for a quorum.

Introduction of the Board to the membership and the agenda was presented.

Nominations for new members to the board:  There were no nominations.

Report of officers: Treasurer

Our balance in the Associations banking was reported with the budget of recurring expenses and monies needed for maintenance and upcoming projects to be completed.

A slide show presentation of the budget, projects and money disbursement was displayed for membership to follow.   A discussion of money shortage due to delinquent member’s dues payments was brought up by the committee.   We have 9 homes that have not paid their share of supporting this community; one homeowner is 3 years in the rear with fines and legal fees attached to that.

Old Business:  Entrance

An update on the necessary repairs needed for the entrance regarding the electric meter and the battle with the Water Co over the billing of the water meter for the entrance was explained by Jason Scott.  The water company had placed a meter and said that the bill would be separate; but now says the bill has to go to an address, but it is not a separate bill, the water company has added the charges onto the bill of the treasurer.  Mr. Scott is trying to work this billing matter out or we are going to have to install a totally separate meter with an additional charge for the meter and installation.   An electrician is to be hired to move/repair the electric box that controls the timers and future lights at the entrance.   Once these matters are corrected the entrance can be landscaped with plants and small shrubbery.

New BusinessSigns: Ken Bickel designed and hired Duggins Co. to make and install the No soliciting and neighborhood watch signs located at 8306 Old Toll Rd and at 11200 Sewell Dr.   Also, the Newsletters that are sent to the neighbors are designs by Ken and have information of the upgrades and changes that are occurring in the neighborhood, often with pictures of such.

By-law and Covenant amendments were explained by Sharon McDermott and the body was shown how to find them on the Web site.  A vote was requested and seconded and a hand count vote to ratify the amendments was taken.  The amendments passed.

Speed Humps: Jason Scott presented the cost and plan for speed humps.  A survey is required first and only one more signature is needed for that form to get that process started.  Once the survey is complete the county will tell us how many speed humps we can install.  The county picks up half of the cost and our community will pay the other half; at an approximate of $1100 per hump.

Garbage/Trash collection:  The covenant calls for only one trash service in the community.  We have fallen by the wayside on that matter ages ago.  Jim Overturf has been working with the different collection agencies to obtain the best rate to try to get us back to the covenant.  Republic (ID), Eco-tech and Rumpke responded with price quotes; Waste Management never returned any calls or emails after several attempts.  The best price for trash, recycling and yard waste was presented by Eco-tech.  The service would include 1 container with a quarterly cost of $36.20, 1 bulk item per week (no call required), recycling at a $15 per quarter charge and yard waste at $55 for a season of Apr-Dec.  The invoice would go to individual homeowner and a commitment of 2 years would be required.   After some discussion with the membership, it was decided to approach Eco-tech with one more request at the price.  When the final information is obtained, a letter with all of the figures will be submitted by mail to the membership.  The community now has 4 trash agencies with a trash day, and a recycle day driving on our streets.  Four days out of the five per week, trash trucks are up and down our roads, this is a lot of wear on the streets and a lot of noise.   We are trying to find a better way of doing this.   Any of the above companies would require 55 of 61 homes to be with their service.

All of the slide presentations were professionally displayed by our Mr. Lonnie Wright and a demonstration of the Web site with its categories for information was explained.  The section with the amended By-laws and Covenant were pointed out to the membership.

Our location was provided with no charge by Mr. Henry Ford and he had the microphones and slide equipment ready for the meeting to begin.

A question and answer time was allotted to the membership and the main suggestion was to place liens on the unpaid homes.   The consensus by the membership was to do it.   The second topic was regarding more information on the trash, which we will follow-up and send letters.  The third concern was how tight the budget is for the expenses vs. income.  The board explained that we try to keep the dues as low as possible, and that is why sometimes it takes a longer time to get projects completed.  The speed humps are our largest expense for the future, but it may take a couple of years to have the funds.  Right now, the unpaid dues would actually cover the cost of one of the speed humps.  Some of these unpaid members are the same people that complain about the speeding traffic.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:00pm.

After the meeting the board met to sign the approved Covenants and By-laws and the documents were notarized by Henry Ford.  The document of the Covenant has to be filed with the County Clerk’s office and that shall be done in the week of April 15, 2013 by the Secretary, Sharon McDermott.  After filing the document, the originals will be kept on file at Glenmary East Sections I&II secretary’s office.

Minutes respectfully submitted,

Sharon McDermott, Secretary, Glenmary East Sections I&II Homeowners Association