Board of Directors Meeting 03-20-2017

Board of Directors Meeting 03-20-2017

Attendance: Lonnie Wright, Jim Overturf, Henry Ford and Sharon McDermott

Called to order: 7:10 p.m.

Minutes from last meeting accepted per President, seconded and passed.

Officer Reports: Treasurer Louis Holzknecht unable to attend due to illness, but he did email the financial report and outstanding dues and balances. Information approved.

Old Business: General meeting topics were discussed. Needed is the election of officers, all positions will be due for election because the 2016 General Meeting did not have a quorum. 11312 Baumler Pl, Mr. Overturf’s residence, was suggested as the location since we usually have so few that attend rather than paying rental fees of a meeting room from our funds. Mr. Ford 2nd the motion, and all approved. A date of April 25, 2017 was selected. It is the last Tuesday in April. That date was chosen to avoid Spring breaks and vacations and Church nights. Ms. McDermott , secretary, will prepare the notice for mailing 2 weeks prior to meeting.

New Business: Infraction letters were sent to several neighbors, they were reviewed and discussed for further action. Entrance: 1. The electric has failed, Mr. Wright to check to determine the problem and action needed. 2. Mr. Wright has pulled some weeds, but it is get time to mulch and weed control, the gentlemen will contact each to decide when. Black mulch was agreed for the appearance. Ms. McDermott and Mr. Overturf has met with one Border Curbing Co. for estimates of landscape border for each entrance side, Ms. McDermott has 3 more appointments for this week. Will present for approval. General Meeting, if we have a quorum, a question will be presented regarding trees and changing the fence material to be used on future fences. People are not complying with the covenant rules for staining the wooded fences, change to metal or iron fences. HOA insurance: Lonnie to check on need and cost.

Meeting adjourned at 8:15pm

Minutes submitter by Sharon McDermott, Secretary

Approved by: Lonnie Wright, Jim Overturf, Henry Ford