Meeting, April 19, 2012

HOA Meeting 04-19-12
Meeting called to order at 7:30pm. In attendance : Jason Scott, Lonnie Wright, Karen Bickel, Sharon McDermott, Jim Overturf, Henry Ford, and Ken Bickel.
Matters under discussion:
A paragraph is to be added to the announcement section of the web site regarding personal safety.

Speed humps: Jason has been in touch with our new Councilman Robin Engel and Mr. Engel verifies that the county will pay half the cost of each speed hump and the residents pay the other half. The cost per speed hump is $2100 and that is our half. We are not able at this time to have the funds for the 3 speed humps deemed necessary for our subdivision. We will start a separate fund to save for this project. We will contact the government to see if they will have the funds for us when we are ready with our monies.

Problem neighbors: There are 2 neighbors who keep parking vehicles in their yards. One has been warned before the other seems to be trying to get away with this since they see someone else can. It has been decided to start reporting them to the City, and let the court fines and fees solve this problem.
The neighbors could put a skirt to their existing driveways that are of concrete and meet HOA approval.

Entrance: Jason Scott has been hired to be the landscape company for the Entrance. He is to contact and arrange for irrigation to be installed. After this is complete, trees and plants will be added as talked about in prior meetings. A water meter will have to be installed by the Water Co. and it will have to be placed near existing water lines, which means on the property of one of the 2 corner homes. Ken and Karen Bickel have agreed to allow this to be done as long as the Water Co. can have the separate billing in the name of the HOA.

Community Meetings: The board wants to have a community meeting to update the community on the use of their monies, what they want done to enhance the neighborhood and any problems that they may want to discuss. We are now right at golf and vacation and children’s sports times, so the general consensus it to wait until fall, most likely October and have a cookout meeting combination.

Delinquent residents on payment of dues.
They know we are again a functioning HOA. They have now had 2 billings for dues. The same people that have not paid the first time, are again behind in payment. The Board has decided that it is now time to enforce the same rules for all. Those not paying and carrying the same responsibility as the rest of the community will have to pay a penalty fee per month that the bill is outstanding; they will face a lien on their home with additional fees for attorney and court costs. This information can be found on the Web site. The procedure will be documented and followed in the same manner from this time forth.

Street and Stop signs, Children at Play, and No Outlet signs;
They have not been forgotten, but Lonnie is going to contact a company to help with getting the installation of these signs.

Meeting adjourned at 8:35pm.
Minutes submitted,
Sharon McDermott
April 20, 2012