Meeting Aug.11, 2014

Meeting Aug. 11, 2014

Attendance: Ken Bickel, Karen Bickel, Lonnie Wright, Louis Holzknecht, Jim Overturf, Sharon McDermott, and Henry Ford

Called to Order at 7:15pm by Jim Overturf, President

Report by Treasurer: Past Due late notices were again sent to the same delinquent members.  The balance in the funds for the HOA is $1692 with outstanding normal monthly bills to be paid.  Electric and water is a monthly fee from LGE and LWC even if none of the services are used.  The transactions with the attorney will be completed this week by Karen for the Lien placement and one removal.

Old Business: Again we have the same neighbors violating rules and being an annoyance to other neighbors.  Issues are: habitual overnight parking by 11300 Baumler Pl, trash and litter left in the road and broken glass from visitors at 11305 Baumler Pl. and a home at 11107 Herring Ct. in need of exterior repairs.

It was decided by the Board that a friendly reminder was needed for these neighbors and to make documentation of the fact.  Jim and Sam are to work on a draft and submit for approval from the Board prior to sending to neighbors.   The accepted document will be emailed to Ken for printing with the logo and mailed by US postal service.

New Business: Sam had complaints regarding user difficulties on the HOA Website, so Ken has contacted the Website designer for him to call her directly and discuss what changes can be made to correct the issues.   The pending survey to be sent to the neighbors for input into the workings of the HOA and their ideas of what to do to help the neighborhood is still on the drawing board.  This matter should be designed and submitted to the Board for approval in this week of Aug. 11, 2014 by Sam.

For the next meeting ideas and plans regarding fines, fees and schedule of the fines are to be discussed with notes and information from the entire Board.  This is necessary because people seem to be failing to read and follow the Covenant Rules for our community.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:20pm by Jim Overturf, President.

Minutes submitted for approval, 08-12-2014 by Sharon McDermott, Secretary

Minutes accepted by: Jim Overturf, Ken Bickel, Louis Holzknecht, Henry Ford  by 8-14-2014