Meeting August 3, 2015

Meeting August 3, 2015

Called to order 7:10pm

In attendance were Jim Overturf, Lonnie Wright, Karen Bickel, Ken Bickel, Louis Holzknecht, and Sharon McDermott

Previous meeting minutes accepted without reading into the record.

Treasurer report: Financial Spreadsheet and Budget reviewed.  Possible recovery of necessary funds could be obtained if we were to lessen the work by Eden Shale at entrance.  Ken and Karen are not happy with the quality of the work by Eden Shale at this point.  We can also save money by deleting the mum fall planting.  Will discuss more next meeting.

Old business: No Outlet Sign at Herring Ct and Old Toll Rd, there are 2 neighbors on Herring Ct stating about the constant turn around traffic and they need something done.  Jim and Ken will talk to Duggins Co. regarding the purchase of a pole and moving an existing No Outlet sign to the new location at the corner of Herring Ct and Old Toll Rd on the easement connected to the 8209 Old Toll Rd property.  Some of the traffic could have been from a home for sale on Herring Ct, but to try to solve the issue this method will be tried.  Ken and Jim will talk to the owners of 8209 as a courtesy for the placement of the new post and sign.

New Business: By law update need to be made to clarify some standards.  The Covenant states a 30 day time frame for dues payment and we have been sending out the notices as though it were a 45 day period.  Change the by-laws to reflect that a grace period from March 1st to March 14th is allowed by the board before enforcing the fines for late payment.   The by-laws also need to reflect that if a home owner contacts the board in writing in regard to a personal situation where they would need an extension for their dues payment that the Board would consider the circumstances and accept or reject with a given time frame for the homeowner.   The by-laws need to reflect the manner used for placing liens.  Currently the Board waits one (1) year, until the second annual dues has been missed by the homeowner without written reason or cause submitted to the Board.  On the next late fee notice, a statement regarding the facts of previous late notices and failure to pay or contact the Board the HOA will now be placing a lien on their home for past dues, late fees, fines and any and all legal costs.  This lien will be in place until the homeowner has paid in full.

Speed Humps: Jim Overturf has made numerous attempts to obtain additional information from our Councilman Robin Engel with no reply on their part.  Speed hump regulations require that the street be at least 1200 feet in distance.  Old Toll Rd is 1107 feet and Sewell is 553 feet.

Neighborhood children and teens cutting through people’s yards has been a complaint by several of the residents.  This matter will be addressed in the next news letter that Ken will publish.

Flags for the entrance; larger flags which will mount on the entrance wall will be priced for placement for a better appearance and to keep the Flags from dragging on the ground.

Magnets with the HOA contact information for members.  This will be revisited further in the year once we see how the budget is faring.

Meeting adjourned: 8:20 pm.

Minutes respectfully submitted: Sharon McDermott, Secretary Glenmary East HOA Sections 1&2.

Approved: Jim Overturf, Ken Bickel, Karen Bickel, Louis Holzknecht and Lonnie Wright