Meeting Feb. 6, 2014

Meeting 02-06-2014

Attendance: Ken and Karen Bickel, Lonnie Wright, Jim Overturf, Henry Ford and Sharon McDermott

Called to order at 7:03p.m.

Old Business:

Treasurer Report.  The financial data has been updated on the website with current payments and expenses.  The cost for the snow removal and the spreading of the Ice Melter from Worry Free Lawn Care was discussed due to the weather stream that we seem to be laying in the path.  The depth for removal for our area was again discussed due to the last snow; since our area is flat and without any hills for neighbors to navigate the consensus of all is the 5-inch amount is still logical so as not to eat up all of the HOA funds.   Along with the funds of the HOA was discussed the cost for replacing the signs destroyed by the reckless driver who on Jan.17, 2014 took out the lamp post and 2 street signs at the corner of Old Toll Rd and Sewell Dr.  We have put out a couple of notices trying to track them down, but no information as of this time.  Duggins has been contracted to re-do and re-mount the signs.

Entrance Committee:  The Board Members and the Entrance Committee weighed the bid replies from the companies that we had come out and do estimates for the Landscape upgrade at Sewell Dr and Brentlinger Ln.   A couple of the companies did not reply to a second request that we submitted to be more able to judge the money quotes on an even scale.   Of the replies, the members selected Eden Shale to do the work.  They are a very reputable company in our area and have been well established for many years.  Sharon to contact John Idstein on Friday to confirm the acceptance of the work.   The irrigation system still has ill fitted parts due to improper installation. Jim Overturf is to oversee the correction of this system with Chism Irrigation, a qualified company.   They already know of the problems and have a more efficient use of the system.   Lonnie and Jim are to purchase some accent lighting for the entrance, when this weather will    cooperate for the task to be completed.   The electric at the entrance is to get tested by Henry and Lonnie and if problems are still present, then an electrician will be hired to get it up to code.

Cleaning and rewording of the WebSite: Jim and Sharon reread each section of the website and deleted redundant and/or out of date information.  Sharon will be monitoring and updating the Bulletin Board section to keep it current.  The maintenance section was updated with the new cost for the Mailboxes by Duggins Company and there is a proposal to include fine information for offences to the Covenant or Ordinances by neighbors.   This matter will be further discussed and amended at the next Board meeting.

New Business:

Annual Meeting: the date of April 10, 2014 has been tentatively decided.  JCPS spring break is the week earlier and Easter/Good Friday is the next week, the board is going to contact Glenmary to see what is going on with them for possibly renting room at the clubhouse.   Hopefully the weather will be better this year and we can have more than 8 neighbors show up for the meeting.   These need to be their discussions also.

Several neighbors have contacted the Board of Directors complaining of neighbors who are doing illegal actions with or on their property.  Some of the things the HOA cannot control, but the City Ordinances cover the situations.  We informed the complainants of their legal action and who should be called.  Metro does not mess around, they warn the offender and then it’s a citation, boom; HOA and neighbors are happy.   Metro has a web page with the ordinances and a call to 311 can solve the problem.

Meeting adjourned: 8:57 p.m.

Minutes respectfully submitted,

Sharon McDermott, Secretary, Glenmary East Sections I&II