Meeting Jan. 26, 2015

Meeting January 26, 2015

Attendance: Jim Overturf, Sharon McDermott, Louis Holzknecht, Ken Bickel, Karen Bickel, Henry Ford and Lonnie Wright

Meeting called to order: 7:10pm

Notice of Board meeting was posted on website.

Officer’s Reports:

Treasurer: the financial statement was passed out to all members for review for the end of 2014. Members reviewed and approved the data to be posted on the website. Dues report: all members are paid except one and a lien is in place for that property. 2015 dues; 2 have been received; one per a closing for a home purchase and one paid by a member early with an overpayment. The check will be deposited and a reimbursement for the overpayment will be drafted and mailed with a dues statement marked paid in full and mailed as the normal statements are sent out at the end of January. The new homeowner will receive an invoice marked paid in full for their records. 

Secretary: Minutes of last meeting were accepted as approved and posted on website.

Old Business:

Covenant revision: The changes and updates were discussed of the changes present at the previous meeting. Some members want a better clarification of “pool” description for Article 12 and a better description of invisible fence guidelines with Metro information provided. Lonnie and Jim volunteered to research the pool information for gallons and other defining terms for the acceptance or restrictions of yard pools. Information will be provided at the next meeting to finalize the rewrite of Article 12. 

Fines and Fees: the proposed uniform standards researched by Louis were reviewed and debated Changes were suggested by Board members and Louis noted the changes to be incorporated into the revision. Motion to approve the revised changes for the schedule was made and the vote passed.

Form Letter: President Overturf presented a form letter to be used for uniformity in the process of HOA approval for homeowners improvement plans and additions to be performed on their Property. This form will be placed on the website in a pdf format so the members can print and submit the form with their improvement plans to the HOA for approval. A copy will then be returned to them with the approval or rejection for their records and a copy will be retained for our records. 

New Business:

Invisible fence on Baumler Pl for the owner’s dog was discussed. This homeowner has the dog in the front yard and complaints have been voiced to Board Members by the mail person and various neighbors walking in the street that the dog is challenging to them. This dog is causing the yard to become unsightly and it is a nuisance. Metro was contacted by Sharon McDermott to research the rules and ordinances that govern this type of fencing. At this time the only ordinances that are in place are on Animal Control Ordinances and that really does no good until the dog bites someone. The neighbors have not complied with the ordinances properly, but Metro Government advised the HOA to add restrictions into the bylaws and Covenants for our community’s HOA. This advice is being taken and the HOA is rewording Article 12 of the Covenant to place restrictions on this in the future.

Budget: A brief outline of normal and customary expenses was discussed. Also a suggestion for the Board to start an emergency fund for backup for events like we ran into last fiscal year with the repairs needed at the entrance for the irrigation and electric. Also a suggestion for a fund to be started for replacement of the support timbers of the entrance wall to be brick which would be less maintenance and a more attractive appearance. Meanwhile; this year the entrance signs need to be refurbished and the timbers pressured washed and treated. Ken volunteered to work on the signs and Jim volunteered to do the timbers. The cost of all materials will be billed to the HOA. Ken is to contact John of Eden Shale to confirm 2015 maintenance schedule for entrance landscape and the costs for this year. 

Annual HOA General Meeting: A date and location for the annual General Meeting was discussed , dates to avoid Easter, Spring break and ballgames were planned. Jim is to check with Glenmary Club House as a location and see if April 13, 14 or 16 are available dates.

Mailboxes: Ken suggested an update on the house number portion of everyone’s mailboxes and to see what the expense would be for the design in mind. Update would be paid by the HOA.

Driveway/front yard appearance: a home on Baumler Pl has white rocks at the bottom of the driveway (purpose unknown) and said rocks keep getting in road. These are a hazard to people walking, the small rocks could cause one to turn an ankle and the rocks are digging into the road when cars drive over them. Board member suggested a letter to request the owner to keep them cleaned up or remove completely. 

Holiday décor for neighborhood: Karen has some suggestions for better decorations for the holiday season next year. The Board will discuss this in greater detail at a later date. 

Adjourned: 9:10pm

Minutes respectfully submitted: Sharon McDermott, Secretary Glenmary East Section 1&2 HOA

01-30-2015 6:30pm

Minutes approved: Jim Overturf, Louis Holzknecht, Ken Bickel, Lonnie Wright