Meeting, June 13, 2013

Meeting  June 13, 2013

In attendance: Ken and Karen Bickel, Jim Overturf, Lonnie Wright, Henry Ford, Jason Scott and Sharon McDermott

Meeting called to order: 7:10pm

Old Business:

Water meter and Louisville Water Company.  Placement tag for location of the meter has been received and turned over to Jason. Paper work from the LWC for the plumber has been given to Jason for completion by the plumber.  Jason is working with the plumber for connection of the LWC with the irrigation system.  Henry and Jason have decided to do the digging for the connection to save the HOA some monies that would be spent on the plumber’s time to dig.

Electric for the entrance has been nicked again, Jason to dig the lines deeper and repair.

Shrubs and plants were discussed for the entrance once the irrigation and electric is no proper working order, a previous plan for the greenery and plants will be followed for year round beauty at the entrance.   It was agreed that Ken and Karen can have a large voice in the plants, since that is a big piece of their front yard area.   Lonnie has a professional layout of plants that will be available for use.   It has been decided if this does not get completed in a timely manner, that the plumber will be hired to do it all and get it done.

Speed Humps:  The survey company measures the wrong streets.  We Jason is trying to get them back to redo the survey, only on the correct streets this time.

Back dues and delinquents current dues.

We still have 4 unpaid members.  One is in the rear for 3 years; a lien is being placed next week on that home.  Karen and Sharon have an appointment with the Lawyer for forms and county clerk records for filing lien.  The unpaid members are given new notices each month with the fines and fees added to their amount due.  If in one year, they have not paid in full; a lien gets placed on their property.  These people that think they do not have to pay, are causing budget strains on the paying members.

New Business:

Trash Services.  Jim Overturf has been working with the assorted trash collection companies that come through our neighborhood for the best deal offered by whom. We have 4 to 5 companies with trucks coming once each week for trash and once every other week for recycle and yard waste.  Our streets are taking a beating.   The information has been submitted at the general meeting and those present agreed that we need one service.  This month’s newsletter to the neighbors will contain an additional letter explaining the information for EcoTech, who offered the best price.

All the board members received an email from Mr. Tom Doyle of Windgate Meadows regarding joining a facebook group account.  The board elected not to join.  All of the information that is described as the use of facebook, our HOA already does on our website.  The information will be put in the newsletter for the neighbors to decide for themselves.

School is out:

There are some problems with stay at home children without parental supervision during the day time.

As board members we do not want to see the behavior that is occurring, but we do not want to start family fights and stress.  Kids are teasing some of the elder home owners, and this is really not an HOA problem or a matter that we can control.  As law abiding citizens though, we are obligated to report any unlawful actions to the police and the parents and kids will have to learn proper laws much less proper human behavior the hard way.


Meeting adjourned; 8:20pm

Minutes submitted by Sharon McDermott, Secretary Glenmary East Sections I&II