Meeting June 28, 2011

Glenmary East Section I &
II HOA Meeting – – June 28, 2011

Attendance: Jason Scott,
Karen Bickel, Lonnie Wright, Sharon McDermott and Henry Ford, Jr.

Discussed speed hump progress of partition and cost issues.  This has been decided as a secondary issue at the present time.  Mr. Scott said he would  contact Amy Baker at 11210 Sewell Dr. at a future date to inquire of contact information for her step-father regarding specks and cost of his tarring company for the speed humps.

The matter of changing baking facilities and the required paperwork from the previous officers changed to the new bank signing officers is in progress.  Vacations hindering the completion of the matter.

Entrance beautification:

Two bids were submitted.  The company of Jason Scott has been selected at this time.  Materials can be obtained at cost and work and receipts will be submitted to the Glenmary East HOA for payment.

A plan to seal the wood beams and mulch at the entrance is the immediate actions to be taken.  Plants will be installed as the season permits.  Water and lighting for the entrance area to improve the appearance is in planning stages at this time.

Irrigation is needed for the landscape of the entrance area; committee must obtain bids for the project.  Water meters must be installed, one on each side of the Sewell Dr. roadway.   Approximate cost per meter is $750.oo.

Ms. Bickel will be drafting a letter to send by registered mail to the 6 association home owners who have failed to pay their dues as of this date of June 28, 2011.**  Notices were walked around in January of 2011, twice in some instances.
The due date of the notices was for the end of January with a $15 per month late fee attached if not paid by the final date.  A grace period was allowed due to weather where payments could be made at the February community meeting at the Glenmary Club House.  Records will now be kept of paid dues and violators.

A defined due date for future dues is to be March 31st per year.  The notices will be mailed on February 1st of each year; with an annual meeting for the residents in the last week of February.   In the year 2012 it is to be scheduled on
February 22, 2012 at the Glenmary Club House, reservations are to be made at a later date.

Plans are under way for a fall “Meet and Greet” type social gathering of all of the neighbors.  At that time a flyer will be distributed to all with details of the improvements made with their dues monies and the upcoming plans for the community.  Mr. Wright is to contact Ron (?) to see if he will donate tent(s) for the day and to contact Mark Bohn for bouncers for the kids.  More details at a later meeting regarding facts and information for flyers and activities for the day will be determined.

Web site for the community is to be established.  Mr. Bickel, son of Karen’s, can build one for the HOA at a cost of $125.  Sharon McDermott volunteered to maintain with some training from the Web pro.  More information as site and skill progresses.

Addition information:

**Home at 11103 Herring Ct, as of June 29,2011; there is a Sale Pending sign.  Home at 11105 Herring Ct. has a car parked in front every time I have been on that street.    Follow up needed.

Notes of meeting submitted by
Sharon McDermott

As always, any corrections or
suggestions, please forward to all and updates will be noted.