Meeting March 27, 2014

Meeting 03-27-2014

Meeting called to order at 7:08pm.  In attendance were Ken and Karen Bickel, Lonnie Wright, Jim Overturf, Henry Ford and Sharon McDermott

Discussion on misunderstanding of letter sent to neighbor regarding handrail illegally installed.  Board did not know it was due to an illness in the family; mainly because we were never given a request to add the handrail as stated in the Covenant.  The Board had no idea there was an illness or the letter would have never been sent.  But all of this is hind sight due to a lack of communication.  The neighbor has sent a letter to everyone in the community (not by US Mail, but by “Glenmary Mail”, placing it in the paper boxes) and this method and attitude has created a hornets’ nest due to not explaining the entire situation.  What was a one on one matter, has now become a huge misunderstanding which is distorted out of reason.  Hopefully this can be resolved, no meanness was intended.

The entrance has more problems.  This is killing our budget.  Now the electric needs major repairs, then the irrigation needs redone-properly.  Companies, reputable companies, have been hired to correct and repair these situations.  Lonnie did extensive investigation to determine the electrical trouble.  We are now hiring Corrigan Electric Co. for repairs.  The entrance clean up has started by Eden Shale.  Chism Irrigation is scheduled for repairs to irrigation.

Dues, fines and failure to pay dues.  This year is a larger problem than normal for late or no-pay of dues.  We cannot pay lights or run normal business without funds.  The budget is cut to bare minimum to avoid raising dues.  A discussion and vote for the time frame to place a lien on homes of on unpaid members was presented; the suggestion of a 6 month time grace period opposed to the present one year time frame was 4 to 2 against the decrease in time.  Presently, if dues extend beyond the one year mark, the fines will continue into the following years.  If the next dues are not paid, then those fines are accumulatively assessed with the fines of the previous years unpaid dues and fines.   At the one year of missed payment for fines, dues and any other assessments is when the lien is placed along with legal and court fees to the homeowner.

A severe parking problem has started to occur on Baumler Pl, and we are sure other streets will face the same situation with Derby Parties and other summer activities.  The streets are not wide enough for double sided street parking, so Metro 911 was contacted to see how to avoid problems.  They told us that if an emergency vehicle needs to get through the street the people will not suffer the loss of service or care by the necessary services; but the people blocking the space of the roadway will not be happy people; the vehicles will get through and the damage to any cars is not the problem of the services that were hampered.

General Meeting.  The meeting will be at Glenmary Club house at 7pm on April 10th.  The board members will be there at 6:30pm to set up all necessary paper work or information.  Sign in sheets will be required with name and address for verification of membership standing.  Sam will add this information to the Bulletin Board of the Web site.

Discussion of the letter to the hit and run driver of the Lamp Post accident was edited.  The driver cost the members $550 and we are trying to retrieve the cost.

Budget was discussed for presentation at the General Meeting.

Meeting adjourned 9:00pm

Minutes submitted;

Sharon McDermott, Secretary Glenmary East Sections I&II HOA