Meeting March 9, 2015

Meeting March 9, 2015

Attendance: Jim Overturf, Sharon McDermott, Louis Holzknecht, Ken Bickel, Henry Ford and Lonnie Wright

Meeting called to order: 7:10pm

Notice of Board meeting was posted on website.

Officer’s Reports:

Treasurer: Financial update reviewed and approved. 2015 Operating Budget reviewed and discussed; again, the ending budget is not allowing any funds for saving for unexpected problems or for improvements to the entrance wall. The dues need to be increased, further discussion will be presented at the General Meeting. Ken updated member address and contact information with the Board members.

Old Business: The Committee work for the fines and fees was reviewed and a motion to accept by Henry Ford was put to the floor. Seconded by Lonnie Wright and the motion passed by all. The Covenant revision is still not complete due to problems with the wording of the pool information. Again Lonnie and Jim are to research and discuss for final copy. The statement of no above grounds pools is to allow kiddie pools, but the size to keep the rule from being abused is the topic for the side committee. Lonnie suggested a change in the wording for the fences to insure that proper material is used in the construction, and approval still is required by the Board prior to construction.

New Business: A proof read and discussion for the newsletter was addressed. Ken added a page two for the newsletter to present the Board Members, including a picture, for the neighbors to get to know us a little better.

The snow removal contract has been awarded to Jason Scott and the Board agreed and approved the new arrangement.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:40pm.

Minutes submitted by:

Sharon McDermott, Secretary Glenmary East Sections 1&2, March 17, 2015 3:45pm

Approved: Louis Holzknecht, Ken Bickel, Jim Overturf