Meeting May 5, 2014

Meeting May 5, 2014 Notice sent 5-2-2014.  Place 11312 Baumler Pl.

Called to order 7:04pm.

Attendance: Ken Bickel, Karen Bickel, Lonnie Wright, Jim Overturf, Louis Holzknecht and Sharon McDermott

New Business:  verification of dues status for 11303 Baumler Pl.  Title company had called Jim to check on HOA rules and see if HOA had a first right for purchase of home. They needed to know if dues were paid and what our dues would be and when they would be due.  Everything is paid for that resident.

Late payments were tallied.  There are still 6 outstanding non-payments by members.   A lien is to be placed on the one member who is now 2 years in the rear and late notices AGAIN will be sent to all at the end of the month.  One member did tell a board member that his payment will be submitted in a week or two. The Treasure is to get the cost of removing the liens and the lawyer/court fees involved for that process.  Those charges will also be assessed to the delinquent home owner along with the lien charge and lawyer/court charge for the original lien and the accountable dues and fines.  All fees and fines must be paid in full for the member to again be a member in good standing and allowed to vote at meetings.

Old Business: Electric replacement at the entrance.   Bids from 3 companies have now been received and one more bid is expected today at 1 pm.  Corrigan Electric was our first bid and we thought it was high at $2900, then we got a bid from Ready Electric (Doug Thompson) for $5048 and a bid from Byron Electric for $4537.  We are getting one bid from Fox Electric(Larry Brown)  to compare to others.  A very important factor is when the company can get this work completed because these plants need to get in the ground.  The Electric must be code and operating for the irrigation settings to control of timing for watering the plants.

A motion was made by Karen Bickel to obtain the last bid and if they are a no show or too high or cannot get the job completed in a timely manner, then the bid will be given to Corrigan.  Lonnie suggested to have some of the Board members do the initial digging for the work to be done to try to save some monies; but the majority of the board objected due to physically unable to do that type of work but mostly for Liability issues.

Covenant violation issues:  there are 2 properties with no trees in front yard as required by the Covenant and several with only one or trees needing replaced.  The question was how to address this with the residents.  A vote was taken to explain the needs in the next newsletter and to make the residents aware that this is a rule of Covenant which was in place when they bought or built the home.   There are 2 homes that are exempt from this rule due to the fact that the entrance land takes up a good percentage of their property.

Another matter to be addressed in the newsletter is the fact that several homes are not maintaining their exterior home conditions to the required manner.   The home must be in proper home repair, no siding missing, no windows with paint peeling off and needing repair, no visible disarray of blinds and/or unsightly offensive interior décor that can be seen from the street.   These are offences that can be pursued legally if necessary.  These violations affect the value of every neighbor and the entire community. Along with home maintenance there is an import need to tend to the lawns.  Keeping control of the weeds is an urgent matter because they spread to your neighbors lawns in one method or another and the grass needs to be cut regularly.

Sharon McDermott is to obtain the exact wording and location in our rules and to see if there are city ordinances that also control this lack of maintenance.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:10pm

Minutes submitted for approval on May 6, 2014.

Minutes approved by:Ken Bickel, Jim Overturf, Lonnie Wright via email 05-06-14

Sharon McDermott, Secretary Glenmary East Sections I&II HOA