Meeting, May 9, 2013

In attendance: Karen Bickel, Ken Bickel, Lonnie Wright, Jason Scott, Jim Overturf, Henry Ford and Sharon McDermott

Meeting called to order at 7:06pm

Old business and reports:

Lonnie explained the next approach to repair the troubles and the entrance regarding the electric.  This operates the control for the irrigation and any accent lights that may be used.  There is a game plan and Jim is going to help Lonnie with the repairs.  If this fails, we are to hire a professional electrician and bite the cost.

Irrigation problem is due in part to the faulty electric, but the main problem is the billing by the Water Co.  Sharon is to try to get a resolution from the Water Co.  Will follow up with report on cooperation of LWC.

Delinquent homeowners and dues.

There are still 6 homeowners who have not fulfilled the obligation of the HOA dues.  This is hindering some improvements planned for the community.  We have one home owner who is renting/or leasing his home and is 3 years in the rear and now legal action is required.  A certified letter is again being mailed, and if no response or payment, a lien is in progress with a lawyer. The offender will be given a due date and then the process will be filed.

A plan to separate the monies and try to save for the Speed Hump project was discussed.  Laws need to be checked to see what is allowed for non-profit organizations for doing a CD or saving account.  Jason to follow up on this matter.  There has been no response from the Metro in regard to the survey for the speed humps, approximately 2 weeks have passed and it may take a little while longer for the Government to reply.  Along this same subject the matter of pot hole repair is to be determined, who is responsible; HOA or metro.

The matter for trash collection was discussed per the votes at the Annual Meeting.  Eco-tech needs 90% of the homes for a 2 year period to agree to the reduced rates.  We have LD, WasteManagement, Eco-tech and a couple of other companies rolling their big trucks through the streets about twice a week, this is wearing our roads not to mention the noise factor.  The plan is to get 54 of the homes to agree to one service and to start that as soon as possible.  Jim and Sharon are to present the facts and contact information for the neighbors to respond by email, voice mail, phone or fax.  Eco-tech will still bill each household for their personal service, so the homeowner will still have control on the amount of service they want to pay; trash, recycle or lawn waste.  The government is working on revising trash collection in the future due to the landfill sites becoming over full.

The matter of selecting new Board Officers as required by the By-laws was completed.  As of this time, all present members and officers will remain as the HOA Board.  This Board has gotten a lot of projects already completed: new street signs, and warning signs (children at play, no soliciting and neighborhood watch), the street lamps have been painted and new globes, and  soon the entrance will be up and running.  There is a quarterly news letter to all neighbors to keep everyone informed on the actions and needs of their dues.

Spring flowers that can survive until the water situation is resolved will be selected by the committee at Mrs. Baumlers on Brentlinger and planted by Landscape Outfitters.

Meeting adjourned 8:00pm

Minutes submitted by Sharon McDermott, Secretary, Glenmary East Sections I&II