Meeting Minutes

Meeting, March 14, 2016

Attendance: Lonnie Wright, Jim Overturf, Louis Holzknecht, Henry Ford and Sharon McDermott

Call to Order: 7:20 pm.

Officers Report: Treasurer: A “contingency fund” line has been placed in the 2016 Budget as proposed and approved at the last meeting. Budget is in order to present at the General Meeting. The Treasurer presented bank statements and the current balance of the funds, which is to be posted on the Web site for members to see. 14 homeowners still owe 2016 Annual dues. Reminder letters have been sent to the affected homeowners.

President: Jim Overturf had a discussion regarding the Eden Shale Nursery quotes for the maintenance of the front entrance. With mulch the quotes ran from $4600 – $6025 for the 2016 growing season. After discussion Jim Overturf made a motion to do the mulching and maintenance ourselves with community volunteers. The motion was seconded by Henry Ford and approved. Lonnie Wright made a motion to dismiss the services of Eden Shale Nursery. The motion was seconded by Jim Overturf and passed. Jim Overturf will inform Eden Shale.

Old Business: None

New Business: After a brief discussion a new category, “Entrance Wall Replacement Fund” will be added to the proposed 2016 Budget and funded with $2000 from the entrance maintenance category. More funds may be added annually depending on remaining money after actual 2016 expenses

Meeting adjourned: 7:52 pm

Minutes submitted: Sharon McDermott, Secretary of Glenmary East Sections 1 & 2 on 3-14-16 10:00 pm

Approved: Lonnie Wright, Jim Overturf, Louis Holzknecht and Sharon McDermott