Meeting Minutes

Meeting, January 11, 2016

Attendance: Lonnie Wright, Jim Overturf, Louis Holzknecht, Henry Ford and Sharon McDermott

Call to Order: 7:20 p.m.

Officers Report: Treasurer: Louis presented a proposal for the 2016 Operating Budget, Jim (President) concurred with the document. A change was presented to install a contingency fund, seconded and approved. Budget is in order to present at the General Meeting. The Treasurer presented bank statements and the current balance of the funds, which is to be posted on the Web site for members to see.

Secretary, Sharon, presented the days for the 2016 flag to be displayed at the entrance. 2-15- Presidents Day, 5-21- Armed Forces Day,5-30- Memorial Day, 6-14-Flag Day, 7-4-Independence Day, 9-5-Labor Day, 11-8-Election Day, 11-11- Veterans Day. Seconded and approved.

President: Jim had a discussion regarding problem neighbors; which seem to be the same ones over and over. The board decided to hold up on fining a member who did not comply with promises for a property project which was approved with conditions of material to be preformed and has not been completed. Lonnie volunteered to talk with the neighbor to be sure he understands the rules and to complete the project when weather permits. Discussion of a change at the irrigation system to install a sensor to better utilize the water usage. Seconded and approved.

Old Business: Sign at Herring Ct for No Outlet, this had to be delayed because committee person was absent from meeting. Will be resolved at next meeting. Jim to email Ken to make sure we have the answers from a company that had not been available for a legal answer on placement.

Meeting location for the General Meeting has been researched by Jim and the cost and location was accepted and approved. Fern Creek Community Center will be reserved at a cost of $50 for the non-profit organization meeting. The date was set for April 14th, pending availability of the hall.

New Business: A discussion regarding the rewording of the Covenant Article 12, paragraph (b); The Board voted to approve adding the following wording to the end:

The Board of Directors cannot comment on location of the fence within the owners’ property line. The Board, therefore, disclaims any liability for fence location; the Board only approves type of construction and height per paragraph 12 (b), and the condition of such fence over time.

This addition was approved by the Board and will be presented at the General Meeting for approval.

The Board discussed a method of getting a copy of the proposed budget to the members prior to the meeting per compliance with the By-laws. Also a suggestion was made to highlight the new dues amount, we have an increase of $25 this year and the validity of the increase can be seen in the cost of operation per the past years and the increases that we face from normal price increases from utilities and companies that we, as a community, have to pay.

Meeting adjourned: 8:10pm

Minutes submitted: Sharon McDermott, Secretary of Glenmary East Sections 1&2 on 1-13-16 10:45am

Approved: Jim Overturf, Ken Bickel, Karen Bickel, Louis Holzknecht, Lonnie Wright and Henry Ford.