Meeting, Nov.16, 2011

Attendance: Jason Scott, Karen Bickel, Ken Bickel, Lonnie Wright, Jim Overturf, Sharon McDermott
Called to order: 7PM.
First topic: to set and define rules for dues payments and late fees.
There are still 5 residents who have not paid the dues. Legal action will be the next step to acquire the fees due to the Association. The committee has decided to forego any late fees for this first year of reestablishing the HOA (dues for 2011). The 2 homeowners who paid their late dues with the penalty fees will be reimbursed the penalty fee or if they prefer to just reduce the 2012 dues by the paid penalty amount. Lonnie is to contact the homeowner that paid him the check, and the other homeowner has stated to do the 2012 dues less the 2011 fine. Of the outstanding delinquent bills, Jason is to contact 2 of the homeowners, Henry is checking on contact information for 2 home owners that lease out the property.
2012 Dues: The dues amount for the coming year will remain $150.00. The bills will be mailed to all residents on Feb.1st with a due date of Feb. 28, 2012. Late fees of $15 will be effective March 1, 2012 and each month thereafter. Leans will be attached to properties by end of year.

Second Topic: Neighbors on Herring Ct. have requested a stop sign be placed at Herring Ct and Old Toll Rd.
We think at a prior time one was in place, but Lonnie is to check with Duggins Co. for cost of installation . Residents want no outlet signs put in place for Baumler and Herring, cost for mounting posts and signs are being placed in the 2012 budget.

Third Topic: Discussion by Members regarding residents complaining about the amount of crime occurring in our neighborhood; car break-ins, cable wires cut that control alarms, garages broken into. It seems the early hours of the morning are when this activity is occurring. It is imperative that if anyone has vandalism or crime to their property or belongings that they make an official Police report. Without this criminal activity being reported to the Authorities, we have nothing to validate the need for stepped up patrols in our neighborhood. The Police need to know the type of crimes and the times of the occurrence to schedule better patrols for us. Our neighbors need to protect themselves by not leaving valuables in sight in their vehicles and to lock the vehicles at all times. An open garage door at night is an open invitation to trouble, and it is easy for one to forget to do that last check before going to bed; so help your neighbor. If you see the door up at an odd hour or late at night, give them a call. Better safe than sorry.
Glenmary East section I&II is in Division 7 and we are beat 2. To contact this division to report a crime or suspicious activity call: 574-5673 and use option 3.

Fourth Topic: Ideas for dressing up the neighborhood for the holidays: Trying to save money, but yet make the subdivision look a little festive; members have offered to donate lights and time and labor for ideas in motion. Members to contact each other for date and time to start work depending on the weather.

Fifth Topic: The electric has been installed at the entrance, fall plants were placed to help improve the appearance and lighting designs for accent in the landscape are being considered for cost, durability and secure placement. Additional information will follow as selections are compared.

Sixth Topic: Members requested an update on the front page of the Web site to address safety information. Sharon will revise the Web site in the Announcement section to remove pictures from Meet & Greet and add safety information for the time being.

Adjourned at approximately 8:15 pm.
Minutes submitted by Sharon McDermott, Secretary.