Meeting, October 8, 2013

Meeting 10-08-2013

Call to Order: 7:12 pm by Lonnie Wright

In attendance: Lonnie Wright, Karen Bickel, Sharon McDermott, Jim Overturf, Ken Bickel and Henry Ford

Re-election of Officers:

Jim Overturf to President, Lonnie Wright to Vice-President, Karen Bickel to Treasurer and Sharon McDermott to Secretary.  Ken and Henry remain as Board Members.

 Reports of Officers

Treasurer: Balance in HOA account $4374.57 less this month’s reoccurring utility bills, purchase for 2 additional rolls of stamps prior to rate increase was approved.  Review of monthly LGE as $194.65 (average) per month for lamps and $21.95 (average) for entrance electric.

Unpaid dues offenders were reviewed and motion to keep same attorney for filing liens.

Secretary: Sharon does most of the web site entries, and she is to review the site and update the date as necessary.  Changes will be emailed to the Board of Directors for their approval and suggestions.

Old Business: The entrance; electric is now in working order, irrigation is now in working order.

The key for the irrigation is not in our possession, but Henry said that he would obtain it.   Discussion for hiring a landscape company that will plant and do regular maintenance at the entrance.  A committee was selected to try to find the right company and the right price. Sharon has a list of the companies suggested at this meeting, and is to contact and set appointments to match Ken and Karen’s schedule to get this going.  A basic design of what is wanted for each side of the entrance has been drawn up by Karen and members agreed for as close as possible.

Also snow removal is being analyzed for a contractor and at what amount our scrapping should be set.  Discussion moves toward 5-6 inches of snow.  We are a flat land subdivision and the scraping is really hard on the asphalt, we do not want to ruin our streets.

Garbage collection change of subdivision to just one trash company seems to be at a stall due to lack of cooperation of residents.  It seems each company charges different customers different rates, and one company will not match the others rates, even though different customers with the same company and same services are being charged assorted rates. Cannot get a flat rate answer from any of these companies.  Each company: Waste Management, ID, EcoTech and a couple of other services have huge trucks driving our roads twice a week or more; recycle pick-up, trash pick-up and seasonal yard waste pick-ups, some of the homeowners were getting better price for one or the other and would not change to save our roads. This project may be dead until the neighbors better understand that we are not trying to force one company over another, we are just trying to save the wear and tear on our subdivision roads.

New Business:  Solicitation in the neighborhood is becoming an irritant to the neighbors and we are registered as a No Solicitation neighborhood.  Jim is checking with Robin Engels office on how to stop this and whom to call when the solicitors will not leave.  Monica Hodge is to respond back to Jim with this information.

Neighbors doing yard and exterior changes without consulting the Board when approval is needed has become a large offense.  The Board needs to decide how far we need to take these Covenant breeches or how to better inform the neighbors that the Covenant is a viable deed restriction in our Community.

Christmas decorations for the entrance were discussed such as lights with timers.

What to do about the entrance at Col. Hancock and Old Toll Rd to make people realize that they are not in Glenmary, but in our community of Glenmary East I&II.   One suggestion brought up by Ken was a band strap banner holder attached to some of the lamp posts; Ken is to investigate limits by LGE regarding the posts and the costs of the equipment, once complete a banner or flag of some sort will be designed for our neighborhood.

Adjournment of meeting: 9:10pm


Minutes submitted by:

Sharon McDermott, Secretary of Glenmary East I&II on October 10, 2013 3:45pm