Welcome to the Glenmary East Homeowners Association Web Site Glenmary East Section I & II is a small community located off Brentlinger Lane. The properties were developed in 1998 and completed in 2008. Glenmary East Section I and II consists of 61 lots. Section I is Sewell Drive (between Brentlinger Lane and Old Toll Road only), Herring Court and Old Toll Road. Section II is Baumler Place and Baumler Court. See photo below.

Glenmary East Sections I & II is a totally separate and unrelated homeowners association relative to Glenmary East Section 3 to the North and Glenmary to the South and West.

If you need information about Glenmary this is the association website http://www.glenmary-hoa.com/

If you need information about Glenmary East Section 3 please contact Association Manager Katie Wells, (502) 491-3550 ext. 1 (katie@cmaky.com) at Community Management Associates http://www.cmaky.com/

A new Board of Directors was formed on June 14, 2011. Each member has accepted his/her new responsibilities. We have assembled a Board that is very conscientious and dedicated to protecting and improving the integrity of our neighborhood. Lonnie Wright has continued with the new Board and we greatly appreciate the knowledge he will be sharing with the new members.

Some of the main purposes of this Web site are to help keep the Association better informed of meetings, improvements to the community, events, covenant issues and dues.  We strive to serve our members interests.  This Web Site has vital information for someone who is about to purchase property in our deeded community.

Glenmary East has had a very low operating budget over the past years. Some years, no dues at all were even assessed to the home owners. It is a small community, so we do not have a lot of “frill and fluff” expenses. We are in the process of placing irrigation and improved landscaping for our entrance into the subdivision. The lighting for the subdivision is approximately $280 per month. New traffic signs and revised Street signs were recently installed to conform to the community appearance. Meetings are planned to see what other needs the homeowners would like to improve their community.

Please talk to your neighbors to see if anyone would be interested to volunteer for election to the directors. The committee would like to have one representative per street in the subdivision, those that live on the street know the problems and needs better than anyone else. Nominees would be submitted at the General Meeting and a vote to pass and accept to the board would proceed.

Dues letters are mailed through the US Postal Service in January of each year.  The due date for payment is on or before February 1st of the current year per the covenants.  If payment is not received by March 1st of the current year penalties for late payment begin.  The late fees are $15 per month until payment and late fees are paid in full. The monthly $15 late fee will continue until full payment is remitted.  Any additional dues and/or fines will be added.  Along with these costs are the legal fees for the Attorney and the court costs for filing a lien.

Starting in 2016, the dues are $175 per year for the 61 homes in our Community but may vary as required.  Please see the Covenant for any rules that you may need clarified, or if you have any questions, contact one of your board members.

Regarding correspondence –
When sending information or bills to the homeowners, We use the PVA Louisville, KY website for proper name of owners per address. If you have recently purchased property and are not receiving information from the Homeowner Association, it is possible that the PVA may not have you listed as the new owner.  If your name has changed, or you are not the owner, please contact the Secretary or one of the board members to have this corrected.

This Web site will allow everyone access to the covenants of our Homeowners Association. Please look at the Deed Restrictions and all other rules. Everyone please review and know the restrictions; it is your responsibility and it will keep our neighborhood’s value at its best.

Safety is the responsibility of us all.

Crimes occurring in our neighborhood; car break-ins, cable wires cut that control alarms, garages broken into and other unlawful activity will be reported on the “Bulletin Board” Section of the Web Site for your information.  Our neighbors need to protect themselves by not leaving valuables in sight in their vehicles and to lock the vehicles at all times. An open garage door at night is an open invitation to trouble, and it is easy for one to forget to do that last check before going to bed; so help your neighbor. If you see the door up at an odd hour or late at night, give them a call. Better safe than sorry.

Reminder, residents should not allow their pets to roam and become a nuisance to their neighbors. Dogs should be on leashes and owners should clean up after them.

Glenmary East section I & II is in Division 7 and we are beat 2. To contact this division to report a crime or suspicious activity call: 574-5673 and use option 3.