Meeting March 14, 2012

Glenmary East Section I&II
Board meeting: March 14, 2012
Attendance: Jason Scott, Sharon McDermott, Jim Overturf, and Ken Bickel
Called to order 6pm
Improvements and work for the entrance landscape and lighting is to be contracted to Landscape Outfitters. Plants will be implemented into the landscape after the installation of the irrigation system. Estimate cost for the irrigation system is $2400.
Deadline for the dues from the community is March 16, 2012; one deposit was made on March 12, 2012. Information on the budget was not available at this time.
Lonnie Wright made a quick stop and reviewed that the signs discussed in the November 2011 meeting are still on the agenda; that is a stop sign and no outlet sign. Neighborhood watch signs to match Glenmary are to be ordered.
Jason Scott is trying to contact Robin Engel’s office for information regarding placement of speed bumps on Old Toll Rd. and on Sewell Dr. As of the date of this meeting Mr. Engel has not responded to any emails which have been sent. Sharon McDermott is to furnish Mr. Scott with additional contact information for Mr. Robin Engel who is our new Councilman since we have been moved to District 22.
An email is to be sent to all board members requesting that they review the By-laws so they can be ready with updates and changes necessary to bring the by-laws up to proper code. All members need to check their social/work calendars for the best date near April 15th for a Board meeting to finalize the above stated material. Once a clean copy of the by-laws is approved, it will be added to the Web site as a pdf file for the community to access.
Information needed for the April meeting:
1. Information regarding dues and delinquent residents
2. Letter approval to mail to residents for community meeting.
3. Information for contact to obtain use of Glenmary Club House for meeting of community.
Meeting adjourned at 6:42pm.
Minutes submitted by :
Sharon McDermott, Secretary

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