Meeting, May 22, 2012

Meeting, May 22, 2012
Call to order at 7pm, in attendance: Jason Scott, Ken Bickel, Karen Bickel, Jim Overturf, Henry Ford and Sharon McDermott

Sharon McDermott received a call requesting to place an ad on the Web site. I was advised by the President that ads are not allowed. The business person was contacted with the decline.

The Children at Play/No Outlet signs (2) and 1 stop sign have been ordered. The signs will be placed at Herring Ct and Old Toll Rd and at Old Toll Rd and Baumler Pl. The cost for the signs is $1200.oo.

The lamp posts are to be painted by LG&E contractor with a renewed lease contract. The new annual lease is now $170, up from $141.
The nine new street name signs have been ordered and will be installed after the maintenance of the lamp post. The cost for the signs and installation is $2610.oo.

Irrigation has been installed at the entrance and a slight electrical problem of the outlet has been corrected. Next will be some Knock-out Roses to match the 2 sides and some plants.

Discussion regarding the budget balance for our current projects and needed monies to carry through to the end of year for such needs as snow removal was put under the count, and a plan to budget for larger projects such as speed humps have been measured. Still have 3 residents who have not paid dues for 2 years; these homes are to have a lean placed against them; and 2 residents who have not paid the 2012 dues. A monthly bill stating amount due including monthly penalty fees will be mailed to these offenders each month so that they will be aware of their outstanding debt to our community. This is over $1200.oo that should be going to use for our subdivision and is causing delay in some projects requested by neighbors.

A suggestion by the board is to do a quarterly news letter to neighbors. The letter should include improvements, events, meeting information and money expenditures.

Meeting adjourned at 8pm.
Minutes submitted by:
Sharon McDermott
May 29, 2012
PS Since the meeting, Duggins Co has offered us a discount of $225 on the street name signs.

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