Meeting, February 28, 2013

Meeting, February 28, 2013

Meeting called to order 8:10pm. In attendance were: Jason Scott, Sharon McDermott, Jim Overturf, Ken Bickel, Karen Bickel and Lonnie Wright.

Old business:

The board members had a continuation of improvements to the By-Laws and Covenant to prepare for presentation to the members prior to the start of a brief meeting. This was from 7pm until 8pm.  No minutes were taken for these discussions.

Minutes for brief meeting which was called to order at 8:02 pm.

The Speed hump process has begun.  Jason has been in contact with our Councilman Robin Engel and a Survey team will come to the subdivision after a required form is signed by 5 community members for the streets involved.  This survey will tell how many and where speed humps may be placed with the purpose of slowing the traffic in our community.  Once survey is complete a Partition will be taken to all neighbors for required signatures.  The permit will be issued and payment from our Homeowners funds will be paid.  The government will then do the work for installation of the humps.

Entrance landscape is to have a Water meter installed.  The water company cannot get the billing organized for the original setup of the water.  This will cost the community $1000.00.  An electrician may be called to move and/or correct the problem with the electric boxes in the landscape area due to a shorting situation.  Lonnie and Jason are to do one more inspection of the condition before hiring an electrician.

A horticulturalist is to be consulted for types of plants that can grow under the condition of the west side of the entrance because of the streetlights constantly flooding light onto the plants.  The existing Mums are to be moved to portion of the landscape which is out of the streetlights.  The plans are to have low scrubs and seasonal flowers to beautify the entrance.

Meeting adjourned 8:31pm.

Respectfully submitted:

Sharon McDermott

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