Meeting December 12, 2013

Meeting 12-12-2013

Called to Order: 7:10 p.m.

Attendance: Ken Bickel, Lonnie Wright, Jim Overturf, and Sharon McDermott

Discussion of dues and penalty fines.

Late fee fines have been assessed incorrectly in the past.  Beginning March of 2014 the fines will be determined as such: a $7 (1/2 Month) penalty fee for dues not paid by March 15th, and then a $15 fine per month of non-payment.  If by the end of that billing year, the homeowner has still not paid their dues the fine for that non-paid year will continue to incur until paid in full.  The dues for the new year will be assessed and if that is not paid they will be fined the $15 per month plus the $15 per month for the previous year still outstanding.  Also, at the end of one year, the home will have a lien placed on it and the attorney and court costs will also be added to the delinquent homeowner.  The dues are what pay for the lights and water and irrigation and other improvements that the community wants.


Proposal clarifications were sent to the four (4) companies that were used for bids on entrance improvements and new plantings; only two (2) of those companies responded with the necessary information required by the Landscape Committee.  The two (2) companies that did not reply were contacted by Ken Bickel and the information faxed to them.  Only one of those two (2) companies responded.  The committee is going to contact one more company, so as to have four (4) professional companies to make our selection.  Lonnie Wright is to present the forms to this last company, and therefore; the landscape committee will need the needed time for this company to reply before any further decisions can be presented.

Snow and Ice conditions:

Last season the HOA board decided due to the cost of the snow removal; that we would only contract at the 5-inch mark for snow removal.  Ken Bickel has been in contact with Worry Free Landscape on their snow removal and application of Calcium Chloride for ice conditions and presented a very acceptable price cost for the snow plowing and ice-melter  method.  A vote of acceptance was cast by the Board present and Ken is to contact the company tomorrow.

Speed Humps:

Due to lack of budget for previously planned projects, the issue of speed humps is now tabled.  A vote of all members present was tallied and all were a no vote for further pursuit at this time.

Web site:

The data and information on the Web site is to be cleaned and updated by Sharon and Jim.  The new section of the Bulletin Board is to be presented in the news letter that goes out in January to be sure that the community knows of the information.   Discussion of a person wanting us to post information regarding security systems on the Web site was denied due to the conflict of possible advertisement issues.

Glenmary East, confusion for the two (2) subdivisions having the same name.

Several of the Board Members have had calls from people with needs or concerns for the other Glenmary East; but Lonnie explained that when these land sections were first developed it was the same developer and all the rights by the MSD and such were all granted with the name of Glenmary East.  So, we are pretty much locked in with the same names.  Ken made a suggestion to add to our entrance signs the defining mention of Section I&II in some fashion.  Ken is going to work on a format for such.

Construction by neighbor:

A neighbor doing home addition construction of a Sunroom; the plans were submitted to the Board and approved after discussion with the builder to better understand the poor plans that were submitted.  The person is also having all new windows installed and approved.

Garbage – unified collection

At this time it seems the neighbors do not have much concern that there are so many trucks driving up and down our streets numerous times a week.  The Board realizes there is only so much that can be done in this matter and will now table this issue until there is more concern by the community.

Meeting adjourned: 7:55 p.m.

Minutes respectfully submitted

Sharon McDermott, Secretary Glenmary East Sections I&II

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