Board of Directors Meeting August 14, 2020

In person attendance:

Lonnie Wright, Louis Holzknecht, Michael Baker

Via Zoom: Henry Ford

Call to Order: 7:19 PM

  • Previous Meeting – Prior meeting minutes were previously approved by the Board of Directors (BoD) and posted on the HOA website.
  • Homeowner Request – Homeowner request to make alterations to property was discussed in reference to the HOA Covenants and Louisville Metro Codes and Ordinances. Email/letter will be sent with the BoD decisions.
  • Solicitor Complaints – Both entrances to Glenmary East Sec 1 & 2 have a sign prohibiting solicitation. Holzknecht will investigate Metro Codes and report back.
  • Dogs in Neighborhood: No formal complaints. Keep an eye out for any loose dogs.
  • EntranceCosts: Discussed and reviewed expense report

Maintenance plan: The BoD will develop a plan to maintain the entrance.

Wright will contact both residents on the east and west side and discuss a plan going forward

The HOA will maintain the entrance for the rest of this year.

Decision was made to hire landscape contractor Spring 2021 maintain the entrance. BoD will request quotes and make a decision on which company to hire.

  • Attorney – HOA still needs an attorney.

Holzknecht has reached out to a law firm and awaiting a response. More to follow on with this.

  • HOA Dues and Budget – Dues will remain the same at $175 for 2021.

Holzknecht will adjust 2020 budget to show actual cost of entrance construction.

Holzknecht will work on the 2021 budget and publish in January 2021.

  • Speed Humps – Holzknecht sent a letter to Metro Public Works regarding past history of the speed humps request for Sewell Drive and Old Toll Road. Awaiting response.
  • HOA Checking Account – BoD must update by-laws in regards to check signing for the HOA as most payments are made online and not by written check.
  • Board Member – Need an additional board member: A request will be placed in the outgoing 2020 Annual Meeting Newsletter.

Meeting adjourned at 8:56 PM