Glenmary East HOA Board Meeting – January 11, 2022

Glenmary East HOA Board Meeting – January 11, 2022

In person attendance:

Lonnie Wright, Louis Holzknecht, Mike Ratchford. Guest Don Wilson

Via Phone: Henry Ford

Meeting commenced 7:10pm –

  • Treasurer’s report – LH
  • Current cash status $12,610
  • 2022 budget 11,125 (estimated)
  • Balance Dec 31,2022 $ 1,485 (slim but manageable)
  • Board voted (4-0) to suspend 2022 annual assessments
  • LW to write notification, Louis to mail to all homeowners
  • Action items from previous Board Meetings
    • Attorney – Don Wilson to contact possible attorney of interest (cpt 1/14/2022); follow-up required by LW with attorney
      • Covenants verification method
      • Filing liens for non-payment; lien removal after payment in full
    • General Liability (GL) Insurance
      • $1mm blanket policy quoted at $967 by Insuramax
      • LW to pursue additional quotes
      • Board voted (4-0) to procure GL policy
    • HOA Checking account – By-Laws revision (LH to rewrite)
      • Chase Bank meeting for signature change (cpt 1/13/2022)
  • Entry
    • Cap Sealing (LW has chemical and will apply early spring)
    • Holiday decorations 2022 & beyond – need plan
      • Board approved procuring wreaths and garlands for 2022 Holidays and doing the decorations themselves
    • Continue with Landscape Contractor (Real Care Property)
      • Board voted (4-0) to continue with Real Care Property with amended planting of seasonal flowers – Begonias in Spring / Pansies in the Fall
    • Irrigation Contractor (Chism) advises system getting old and may need valve replacements – offering 10% off preventive replacement (all)
      • Board voted (4-0) to replace valves as needed only
  • Housekeeping
    • Website Update / options  (LH to review and present options next mtg or via email vote)
    • Original wall behind Baumler Place falling down
      • Owner’s responsibility in Covenants
      • Should HOA assume maintenance? No change to covenants
  • Goals for future
    • Tree lined entry road (Sewell Rd) – not discussed
    • Community get together / picnic – not this year due to budget reduction
    • Speed Humps
      • MR believes County erred in initial study (improper timing)
      • Can request study again after 1 year (MR to follow)
  • Annual HOA Meeting
    • Timing and Place
      • TBD in April due to Covid issues; possible annual report
  • Bulletin Board – Crime updates (LH posts local issues on website)
  • New Business / Other items needing review
    • Senior Care information – add to website?? NO, unanimous vote (4-0)
    • Mailboxes needing maintenance / painting
      • Send notice with annual assessments letter encouraging folks to upgrade to standards (LW to include in dues letter)

Meeting adjourned 8:50pm

Approved Lonnie Wright, Henry Ford, Mike Ratchford, Michael Baker, Louis Holzknecht