Meeting July 8, 2014

Meeting July 8, 2014

Attendance: Louis Holzknecht, Ken Bickel, Karen Bickel, Lonnie Wright, Henry Ford, Jim Overturf and Sharon McDermott

Called to Order: 7:10pm

Treasurer Report: Status of dues; one homeowner outstanding balance for 3 years, one homeowner unpaid for 2014 with outstanding fines for late payment, and one member who paid dues but not the fines, check is being held waiting for response to letter reminding member of the rules regarding late fees which have been applied to all.   The 3 year delinquent homeowner is to have lien placed on property.

Treasurer says she wants to find a new treasurer; circumstances are causing issues with duties.  Sharon McDermott offered to assist on some matters and Ken Bickel helps on several matters.

Budget was discussed; funds are getting low after repairs to entrance and input of landscape.  Board will watch the funds for monthly lights, water and maintenance of entrance.   A current budget sheet was presented to board members and Ken said that he would see that the information was posted on the Web site for the association members viewing.

Secretary Report; Minutes from previous meeting are posted on line and Board members said the reading could be excluded.  Sharon McDermott explained an error of Board Members names and information being omitted from the Web site by accident and that the situation was corrected and the Bulletin Board had been updated.

President: Mr. Overturf presented a draft of a letter for the neighbors to remind them of Covenant rules that are being broken or ignored by association members.  Sharon and Lonnie had input to the draft of the letter and the board was given a copy for review at the meeting.  A vote was taken and the consensus was to table the letter for now and send a evaluation letter to the neighbors for their input.  Sharon McDermott volunteered to do a draft of the “form” and send to each Board Member for input and suggestions.  Members want to keep the form short and with a scale of 1 to 5 for the questions.  Extra postage will be spent to include a self addressed and stamped envelope for the homeowners to return their input to the Board.  The form will address “hot button issues” and be brief in the amount of question but allow a comment space for each subject.

Committee Report: Entrance; the status of the irrigation system was evaluated and Ken and Jim are going to take another look at the sprinkler heads to check for accuracy of water disbursement.  A lock for the electric box is warranted due to safety and liability assurance.  Lonnie to handle matter.

Old Business:  Liens; one to be removed and one to be placed.  This matter is overdue and Sharon is to help Karen complete this issue.  Parking; the problem with certain neighbors consistently parking on the street was addressed again.  A visit to the offenders will be handled by Henry, he says he knows one of the family members.   Trees as required by the Covenant were a dead-lock discussion.  This will be further pursued in the fall.

Pools: there are 2 neighbors who have put above ground pools in their back yards; one is of a smaller nature which would have to be emptied nightly to avoid water problems, the other is a neighbor who wanted to install an above ground pool and was denied permission so she has bought a large quick set-up pool which is definitely a flagrant violation to the Covenant.  She will be issued a letter advising her of the violation and a recommendation to comply or the Board will have to take action.   The Board took a walk to evaluate the pools to accurately assess the situations.

Meeting adjourned at 9:10pm.

Minutes submitted Wednesday July 9, 2014 by Sharon McDermott, Secretary

Minutes approved: Jim Overturf 7-9-14/