Meeting June 14, 2011

Glenmary East Home Owners Association

Glenmary East Board of Directors

June 14, 2011 Glenmary East  HOA Meeting

Some small discussions to get to know each other a bit, then on to business of electing officers.  The motions were made and passed.  The new officers are: President – Jason Scott; Vice-President – Lonnie Wright; Treasurer –  Karen Bickel and Secretary – Sharon McDermott.  The Members of the Board are: Jim Overturf, Henry Ford and Ken Bickel.

Speed Humps:  Humps for Old Toll Rd. and Sewell Dr. in Glenmary East are under study.  A partition has been started, Lonnie had it appear in his mail box, but it is not be handled correctly.  Unknown of current location.  We need to find it and follow-up to get the signatures needed for the neighbors of the involved streets.  When the proper percentage of signatures are obtained, action can be taken to present for cost assistance.  Glenmary cost of their humps were discussed.

Entry “beautification” –  a couple of bids have been submitted to Loni.  Jason Scott has the more reasonable bid.  Another option discussed was team work by some of the neighbors to do the work on the landscape.  No final decision has been made at this time.

Trees  – Some neighbors still need to meet the condition of the Glenmary East Homeowners Association covenants regarding section 11 – Tree Requirements.  This states lot owner shall have 2 trees in their front yard.

Yard Maintenance – Basically most neighbors are in alliance with the care of their property.  One home on Herring Ct. is abandoned and may need to check with law enforcement due to city ordinances that are in violation for action.

Junk Vehicles – only one or two problem neighbors – this is a county violation, vehicles must be tagged.   Metro may be contacted due to violations of laws.

Letter to neighbors – small discussion to write a letter to the neighbors to introduce the new board and explain a little of how the dues are used.

Check account changes are to be made due to new officers on the Glenmary East HOA board.