Meeting Sept.13, 2011

Attendance: Jason Scott, Lonnie Wright, Karen Bickel, Sharon McDermott, Jim Overturf, Henry Ford, Jr., and Ken Bickel.

Meeting began at 7 PM and adjourned at 8:30 PM

The plan for the entrance improvements:
Henry Ford to contact LG&E to have electric meter installed. Cost will be approximately $17.50 per month for the lighting at the entrance, which is a minimum charge. Must have the electricity prior to installation of irrigation system due to operation of timers.
The two (2) Glenmary East signs are to be raised to a higher level to promote easier visual recognition to our subdivision. The height will allow new vegetation growth of the shrubs at the entrance without blocking the logo sign. Ken Bickel and Jason Scott volunteered to do the labor involved for raising the sign.
The wood at the entrance will be power washed, treated and a sealant applied. Ken and Jason volunteered to do the labor of this project.
When the electric is hot, landscape lighting will be installed. Lonnie Wright is to find the lighting system/kit for the entrance. Members have knowledge for installation to keep down costs and have volunteered to install the system.
Plans are to add irrigation next Spring, therefore better landscape plants and shrubs can be planted with hope of survival. The plan includes 2 water meters installed by Louisville Water Company with an approximate cost of $500. Afterwards the irrigation system can be added to both sides of the entrance. Jason Scott has talked with the LWC for all the facts and is taking bids from irrigation companies in regard to the installation of this system.
Immediate entrance plans:
Weed and clean the land areas, treat the lumber and sign as explained at the beginning of minutes, and plant some fall plants to improve appearance, even though we will probably lose them. Team work of the HOA board will be doing the labor on this project. Any other volunteers will be accepted. This work needs to be complete by the Meet and Greet event.
Future community plans:
Christmas décor to dress the neighborhood for the holidays. Wreaths on the lamp posts are on the planning table, it will be low cost and attractive, and possibly lights in the entrance area.
Winter weather:
Snow removal for our subdivision roads will be contracted to Jason Scott. When snow depth is 3-inches Herring Ct, Sewell Dr. Baumler Ct, Baumler Pl. and Old Toll Rd. will be plowed.
ICE ON ROADS CANNOT BE CLEARED. Salt or other materials to melt the ice causes damage to the roads, driveways, lawns and has environmental issues.

Meet and Greet
The event to have the neighbors meet each other and meet their new board members is scheduled for October 8, 2011. This is a Saturday and the time is scheduled from 10 AM to 2PM. Jim Overturf is to get the meats (hamburgers and brats) from Sam’s, also buns (hamburger and hotdog) and a couple loaves of rye. A large mustard, ketchup and Mayo will also need to be purchased.
Lonnie Wright is to check with Ron Thurman for a “friendly” rental fee for tent, tables and chairs. And he will see if Mark Bohn can do the same with a “Bouncy” for the kids.
Sharon McDermott will make a flyer for all neighbors and deliver into their paper boxes on or before September 19th. Neighbors will be asked to bring a “pot-luck” side dish or dessert.
Flyer will be prepared and submitted to committee for approval and suggestions prior to delivery.

Speed Humps
Jason Scott to contact Councilman Stewart Benson regarding county approval and funds for the speed humps needed on Old Toll Rd and Sewell Dr. Need to get some action on this matter so the signatures of approval for the humps do not expire.
Community Promotion and Awareness
Discussion to build a “Welcome Package” for new buyers. Sharon McDermott will work on that matter. A need to contact all Realtor Companies with the information that Glenmary East Section I & II is a deeded community with a covenant and annual dues and present our Web site information to them.
Ms. McDermott will work on trying to compile that information.
Members are to complete tasks assigned and email to all their progress or need for help so that all members are current on matters under consideration for the community.

Unpaid Dues
Finally, the certified letters for the five (5) neighbors who have yet to pay their dues from February were critiqued for data. Mr. Ford volunteered to try to find the mailing address for one owner who is leasing their home and is still delinquent on back dues. The laws and measures for those who stay in non-compliance to the dues payments were explained and a uniform method for action was established.

Meeting adjourned.

Minutes submitted by Secretary Sharon McDermott

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