Meeting, November 5, 2013

Meeting: November 5, 2013

Attendance: Ken and Karen Bickel, Jim Overturf and Sharon McDermott

Called to Order 7:10 pm

Committee Reports:

Treasurer – still 3 unpaid members.  They monthly receive new bills with the information of the dues and penalties that are due to the Home Owners Association.  Discussion of liens that seem to be necessary and when to file them against the home owners.

Balance of the funds for the monies needed to be held in reserve for utility payments through the end of our year and monies available for landscape work at the entrance.

Landscape committee: Four companies have been selected from the proposals given for the work and plantings required at the entrance.  The problem is that the proposals of all four companies are so different and each seems to be missing some piece of information to allow the committee to be able to make a fair and equal assessment of which company provides the work at the best price.  The committee and board decided to table the matter for now and re-contact each company with a form that we provide as to attain the same data from each in return.

The irrigation system needs closed for the season and Jim and Ken said they could handle shutting that down.  The key for the control box is needed and will check to see if it is in the inside of the box.  The committee will check to see if any of the companies also do snow removal, otherwise; another committee will be needed to try to find a company to hire if needed, with the restriction of 5-inches of snow must fall before plowing service to be used.

Newsletter: Ken is the chairperson for the newsletter and Sharon basically suggests items for the letter.  Ken has information from previous notes for crime watch facts.  Speed humps will be addressed, but the county has not provided us the information at this time as to whether we are even qualified for the humps due to regulations. Ken suggested a section on the HOA web site for immediate information to the community and lost and found items.  Karen suggested that the section be titled ‘BULLETIN BOARD”.  All agreed to this addition for the web page.  Sharon will be in charge of getting the information and posting it on the section and will monitor the data to be placed there; this will not be classified section for selling cars and the such; but, it can be used to advertise if anyone in the community is having a yard sale so that others can do so also if they desire. Ken will place a section in the newsletter informing the community of contact information.

Solicitation; Jim has contacted Robin Engels office in regard to the people coming door to door and not leaving when told this is a NO SOLICITATION COMMUNITY.  Monica has been working with Jim on this matter, but due to person complication in her life she has not been avail to conclude this issue.  Right now it stands that if these people do not stop and desist then we should call 311 and ask that a patrol car be sent out to attend to the matter.  Jim will follow up as soon as Monica is available.


This concluded the meeting and committee work.

Adjourned: 8:25 pm

Minutes respectfully submitted:

Sharon McDermott, Secretary Glenmary East Sections I&II

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