Meeting, 2014 Annual Members Meeting


Notice of meeting sent to members by US mail on March 29, 2014

Location Glenmary Clubhouse / 10200 Glenmary Farm Dr. 40291

Meeting called to order: 7:08pm by Jim Overturf, President of GEHOA

Attendance: Board Members: Jim Overturf, Lonnie Wright, Karen Bickel, Sharon McDermott, Ken Bickel and Henry Ford

Attendance by members: 22 persons, 11 Class A lots represented (after payment of late fees were paid by delinquent lot owners). The sign in sheets are filed at the office of the secretary for verification.

No guests.  No proxies.

Quorum present: 61 homes in HOA, minus 8 unpaid illegible homes equals 53 class A members.  25% of the eligible lot owners equal 13.25 lots.  In attendance 14 lot owners were present.

Reading of the minutes from the 2013 Annual Members Meeting by Sharon McDermott.  Mrs. McDermott explained to members that the information for all meetings is posted on the Web site under the category of Meetings.  She and Mr. Wright explained all the other information that is available for any member to see at anytime on the Web site.  Mr. Overturf also told members of anyone ever needed a written copy that they could call any of the board members and the contact information if on every document or newsletter sent to them.

Follow up on the minutes and information regarding the rules of our community as governed by the Covenant was explained to the lot owners.  The purposes of the rules were explained, and the difference between our rules and the city/county ordinances were explained as well as what the HOA can and cannot control.  The members were told they too are responsible for illegal actions by neighbors and can call Metro Government at 311 to report matters against ordinances.  Mr. Overturf addressed fence and exterior regulations, tree requirements, above ground pools, satellite dish regulations, mailbox maintenance, signs in yards, habitual street parking and solicitation ordinances which is prohibited in our community.  The width of the assorted neighborhood streets were discussed vs. the street parking of vehicles on both sides of the street.  A neighbor complained because of cars parked right across from her driveway which hinders the ease of backing out of their home.  Another reason neighbors are asked to be considerate of the double sided street parking is for the safety of emergency vehicles to pass.  It was explained that the only way enforcement can control double side street parking is to have county place One Side Only parking signs.  These signs would be placed in people’s yards and no one would prefer that situation.  We need cooperation for common sense issues.

Information regarding trash collection was again explained at this meeting.  Some of the neighbors seem to think the board is pushing for one Trash Company over another, which is not the case.  Some think that the sole purpose of the request to employ only one trash collection service for the community is cost.  Mr. Overturf explained that the purpose is to get the extra truck traffic off of our streets.  We have at least three collection agencies coming through our subdivision each week.  Often these trucks drive our street twice a week for trash pickup and recycle/lawn waste pickup.  That’s a lot of wear on our streets and a lot of unnecessary noise.  Mr. Pete Flood, a member in good standing, who works for metro Government Regulating of Solid Waste Management in Louisville and Jefferson County, addressed the members to inform them of the changes in waste collection that is in progress with environmental and government agencies.  This information with the Public Notice, regulations and proposed resolutions adopting these changes can be found on the web site:

The information presented by Mr. Flood substantiates what the Board has been explaining for two years regarding trash service. Mr. Flood offered to answer any question that anyone may have regarding this field.

The Budget was explained and copies passed to members.  A few questions were asked and answered.  A motion to accept and pass the budget was put to the floor and seconded and passed.

The Committee for the entrance maintenance and restoral of plants and greenery were explained to the members by Karen Bickel.  Questions were answered regarding how many estimates were obtained for the landscape work.  Questions were answered regarding the companies hired to repair and/or replace the electric and irrigation that were improperly installed at the entrance.  All will be up to code at the end of the work.

Along this area the subject of compostable bags for leaves and lawn waste was explained and the cost efficiency of such by Mr. Pete Flood.  The environmental and monetary savings will be enormous to the community and county.  Other States are contacting his agency to learn how to adapt this program to their community.

Nominations for the Board were requested.  Louis Holzknecht was nominated by Ken Bickel, the motion was seconded and the vote for Mr. Holzknecht passed.   We now have representation for Herring Ct.

The floor was opened to a discussion regarding a letter sent to a Herring Ct. resident regarding an improper exterior addition which was not per the Covenant.  The neighbors were upset regarding the wording of the letter and the Board was upset that we did not know the circumstance for the offence.  Apologies by the President were not accepted and the Board tried to make a new start with the parties.  There was a lengthy debate on intent and purpose and unintended emotional stress.  No resolve was reached.  The member walked out of the meeting as well as one of her supporters.  The board decided to accept a motion from the residents to prepare a form letter to make the first request for conformity to an offence.  Several members tried to arbitrate the situation, but residents were still not content with the end of the discussion.

A few neighbors talked of safety issues that had been occurring in other neighborhoods and wanted our area to be aware of the problems.

Meeting adjourned 8:55pm.

Minutes submitted by: Sharon McDermott, Secretary Glenmary East Sections I&II HOA

Minutes approved on:___04/14/2014  By:_Jim Overturf, Lonnie Wright, Ken Bickel and Karen Bickel

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