Meeting September 8, 2014

Meeting September 8, 2014
Attendance: Jim Overturf, Sharon McDermott, Louis Holzknecht, Ken Bickel, and Karen Bickel

Called to Order: 7:10 pm

Reading of the minutes was waived, all had read previous meeting notes and they are posted on line.

Officer Report: Treasure reported that all community members are now paid in full with one exception who is 2 plus years in arrears and a lien has been placed on his property. A lien from a previous delinquent homeowner on Herring Ct has been removed. Budget shortcoming was discussed for means to cover the bills at the end of the year by the Board paying their 2015 dues early. Karen suggested ways to save some money for the fall entrance plant change by the Board doing the work themselves; Louis and Jim volunteered to help Karen. Items for the remainder of our 2014 budget are LGE lights, water and office supplies. Ken is to call Eden Shale to be sure that they do not show up to do a fall planting and the snow removal company that was used last winter to void them from just coming out to do work this year. The budget is empty for the money needed for those procedures.


Old Business: Inquiry as to whether or not anyone had any response from the four letters sent to neighbors due to Covenant violations. No one had any responses from anyone, but it seems some of the problems that were addressed have shown improvement. Website problems and issues have now been resolved and Louis Holzknecht will now be the web master. Request for information changes and/or added information should be directed to Louis. Surveys were discussed for the manner of sending them to the neighbors due to a lack of HOA funds. Ken and Karen presented the method of mailing the Survey along with the newsletter in one mailing. The newsletter would contain information on the purpose of the survey and how to return them to any of the board members. It was decided not to include a self-addressed and stamped envelope.


New Business: Jim brought up the fact that our Covenant needs some better wording in several categories and suggested that a committee may need to look into this matter and provide material to the Board at the next meeting. Sharon volunteered and said she may seek advice from Lonnie. Jim also stated that at the last meeting we discussed doing a chart for fines and schedule of payment of such. A committee was decided as the best method for defining offenses, fine amounts and schedule of time to correct the situation and method of implementing the fines. Louis volunteered as that Committee head and Jim offered to be of assistance to both committees if needed. Everyone had some input on what should be reworded and better defined for the Covenant. Sharon took notes on that for her work as the committee person.


There was a brief discussion of the next General Meeting (April 2015) regarding the election of new Board Members, Most of the present board members are over the two year board term now. Further discussions will take place at later meetings.


Meeting adjourned: 8:01pm

Minutes submitted by Sharon McDermott, Secretary September 9, 2014 5pm

Minutes accepted: Ken and Karen Bickel, Jim Overturf, Louis Holzknecht 9-10-14

Document submitted to Louis Holzknecht to publish on HOA web site 9-10-2014 2:05pm

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