Board of Directors Meeting 05-23-2017

Board of Directors Meeting 05-23-2017

Attendance: Lonnie Wright, Jim Overturf, Louis Holzknecht and Sharon McDermott

Called to order: 7:05 p.m.

Minutes from last meeting accepted per President, seconded and passed.

Chairperson’s report:

Delivery of “Little Green Men” to two homes on Sewell Dr. (Scott and Barker families) on Saturday May 20, 2017 for the purpose of trying to slow the traffic since the speed humps are not eligible for that road. The families seemed appreciative of the support from the HOA.

Treasurer report:

Mr. Holzknecht passed out copies of the financial statement. Updated the Board on the outstanding dues, which is no change. Mr. Holzknecht did obtain an address that he had been in search of for one of the debtors where the notices were coming back “unable to deliver”. The utilities and irrigation costs are still running approximately the same as last year.

Old Business report:

Entrance spruce up chores discussed. The men said they would just call and see who was available to do any work. (On Sunday, May 28, 2017 Mr. Wright and Mr. Overturf did more weeding and trimming of the shrubs and put mulch out to get things moving for the spring. Mrs. McDermott did a little trim of the rose bushes for the dead-heads and shape up.) White Begonias have been decided to be the flowers to be added.

New Business:

A Covenant rewording of Article 12-B regarding fences for properties was proposed and passed at the General Meeting. At this meeting the wording for this article update was adopted.

The election of the Officers was determined: the positions will remain the same. Motion accepted and passed by all.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00pm

Minutes submitted by; Sharon McDermott, Secretary Glenmary East Sections 1&2

Approved: Henry Ford, Louis Holzknecht

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