Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – 01/15/2019

Glenmary East HOA Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – 01/15/2019

Place: 8101 Baumler Ct. Lou. KY 40291

Called to Order 7:00 PM. by Jim Overturf, President

Attendees: Jim Overturf, Henry Ford, Lonnie Wright, Louis Holzknecht, Sharon McDermott

Type of Meeting: Board Meeting

Facilitator: Jim Overturf

Note taker: Sharon McDermott


Treasurer Report: Review of the budget; expenses, projected revenue, entrance wall replacement fund and dues status. Spreadsheet for the financial statement and budget were presented and accepted. Discussion of how a Closing company failed to enforce the proper amount due to the HOA during a closing and it had been through several hands and difficult to resolve. Will be working with a lawyer for guidance. Along that information our Attorney is falling down on her duties so the board members are reaching out to find a new lawyer. The board has 3 members trying to find a new Attorney and will decide on one by phone or email meeting. Most of the work would just be placing/removing liens or advice for odd matters. Mr. Holzknecht will be mailing out the annual dues notices with certified mailing to those with delinquent dues and late fees.

New Business: Mr. Holzknecht and Mr. Wright will obtain estimates for a professional service to remove a dead tree in the entrance landscape. A proposal to send letters of appreciation to the neighbors who have improved the appearance of their home by landscape or other improvements to their property was suggested by Mr. Ford and seconded and accepted.

The Home Owners Association Annual Meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday, April 23, 2019. Tentatively the location will be 11312 Baumler Pl. Notice of the meeting will be mailed two weeks prior to the meeting with proxy information included.

We have several neighbors that are brazenly disregarding some of the rules of the Covenant which will be addressed this early Spring. The irrigation, electric and possible addition of lighting at the entrance will be checked for working order and additional accents in early Spring. Snow removal will remain at 5-inches for plowing due to the streets being flat as has been the former action of the HOA.

The Board has agreed to publish reliable contractors used and recommend on the Web site. Meeting was adjourned at 8:40 PM.

Minutes submitted for approval by Sharon McDermott, Secretary of Glenmary East Sections 1&2 on Jan.27, 2019

Approved: Jim Overturf, Henry Ford, Lonnie Wright, Louis Holzknecht, Sharon McDermott

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