Board of Directors Meeting

HOA Board Meeting 04/23/2019

Called to Order 7:05 PM. by Jim Overturf, President

Attendees: Jim Overturf, Henry Ford, Lonnie Wright, Louis Holzknecht, Sharon McDermott and Michael Baker.

Type of Meeting: Board Meeting

Facilitator: Jim Overturf

Note taker: Sharon McDermott

The Board welcomed Mr. Baker to the team.

The Board discussed current Board positions and if anyone wanted to change. All stayed the same, Mr. Baker said he would like to have a year learning the slot before taking a position other than a member on the Board.

Mr. Holzknecht brought a good point to light to the Board whether we should be posting our financial information on line without any security. He is going to check into our Website to see if a lock can be placed so that the members could use sign in for certain sections. Mr. Wright wants an updated copy of all of the 61 HOA members. Ms. McDermott will compile information from Mr. Holzknecht and add any contact information for the members that has been made available.

Mr. Wright and Mr. Baker will be the Entrance Committee to acquire designs and estimates for a new entrance replacing the present wood timbers.

The gentlemen of the Board agreed to continue maintaining the landscape of the entrance.

Meeting adjourned 8:20 pm.

Minutes submitted by: Sharon McDermott, Secretary 04/28/2019

Approved: Henry Ford, Jim Overturf, Lonnie Wright, Sharon McDermott, Louis Holzknecht, Michael Baker