Board of Directors Meeting 10/01/2019

Called to Order 7:20 pm. by Jim Overturf, President

Attendees: Jim Overturf, Henry Ford, Lonnie Wright, Louis Holzknecht and Sharon McDermott

Type of Meeting: Board of Directors Meeting

Facilitator: Jim Overturf

Note taker: Sharon McDermott

Prior meeting minutes noted and accepted.

New Business: Mr. Overturf resigned due to relocation from Louisville. Mrs. McDermott resigned as secretary and from the Board of Directors. Mrs. McDermott will prepare a brief outline of what her duties as secretary and will pass it and all HOA retained paper work and documents onto Mr. Holzknecht. within the next two weeks, Mr. Wright will assume leadership of the Board of Directors.

Mr. Overturf reported to the Board that he had received an email from Mr. Burnette at 11200 Sewell Dr regarding the lack of weeding at the entrance. Mr. Wright said he had also spoken with Mr. Burnette regarding the planting and landscape of the backside. Mr. Wright explained all the HOA does on the backside is mulch. Mr. Burnette would be welcome to plant on the backside what he would like just as the owner at 11201 Sewell does.

Treasurer Report: Mr. Holzknecht presented our balance and the approximate costs to finish out the year. We still have two home owners with outstanding back dues and penalties. Mr. Holzknecht had some questions regarding the Covenant upgrade that was to be filed at the County Clerks Office. After discussion, the Board decided to hold the update for further investigation. Along these lines, the Board discussed the matter of obtaining a lawyer for the HOA to assure all matters are handled properly.

Mr. Wright presented designs for the replacement of the entrance walls. All Board members studied and expressed likes and dislikes. The two most favored were the designs sketched by Mr. Wright. They look the most appropriate for our community. Price could be the determining factor for the final choice. Mr. Burnette and Mr. Birk will be included in the meetings regarding the entrance changes.

Mr. Holzknecht explained to the Board that our website is old technology and should be updated to a website that is responsive to the screen size, platform it is viewed on (e.g. cellphone, tablet, desktop monitor). An upgraded service is needed for better format and protection. He has been checking HOA website developers and has found several options. The Board members present told him that he is the one with the “know” and he should get what we need to serve our HOA requirements.

Meeting adjourned: 8:45 pm.

Minutes submitted by: Sharon McDermott, secretary 10/07/2019

Approved: Lonnie Wright, Henry Ford, Sharon McDermott, Louis Holzknecht

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