Board of Directors Meeting February 18, 2020

Call to Order 7:03 PM

  • Previous Meeting – Prior meeting minutes were previously approved by the Board.
  • Entrance Wall Status Update – Contract to build the entrance walls with Frank Kurk Masonry signed ($17136). Site has been ditched for pouring the footers. Details with Granite America (granite logos and plaques, $2295) have been agreed upon and approved. Materials for templates and granite installation will be purchased (approximately $400) by L. Wright. Landscaping after wall installation will be determined at a later date.
  • Speed Humps – Years ago some neighbors and the Board of Directors investigated whether speed humps could be installed on both Old Toll Road and Sewell Drive to slow down the speeding short cut traffic going to and coming from Glenmary. Louisville Metro Department of Public Works online documents indicate that neither road is eligible for speed humps. However, we have no association record that a required written request for speed hump evaluation was ever made. Therefore a letter will be sent by L. Holzknecht to the Department of Public Works to request an evaluation.
  • HOA Website – The HOA website is old and tired. It is “non-responsive” which means that it always appears the same regardless of the device used to view it. If you have ever looked at it on a cell phone you understand and realize you need to zoom in to read what is there. Sometime this year L. Holzknecht will migrate the current website to a new site that is more up to date and “responsive”.
  • Disabled Auto – There is a disabled car on Baumler Place. The owner will be contacted and asked to remove or garage the vehicle.
  • Treasurer’s Report – Current balance is $23, 903.33. Seventeen annual dues are still outstanding and payable by March 1, 2020. A reminder letter has been sent to the owners. Two properties owe annual dues for multi-years. Certified letters have been sent to those owners.
  • Attorney – The Board is still searching for an HOA attorney.
  • Board Positions – The Board elected Lonnie Wright – President and Michael Baker – Secretary. Several candidates for Board membership were discussed.
  • Annual Meeting – The Annual Meeting has been set for Tuesday April 21, 2020 at 7:00 PM, location 8101 Baumler Court.

Meeting Adjourned: 8:00 PM

Minutes Approved: Lonnie wright, Louis Holzknecht, Henry Ford, Michael Baker

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