Homeless Camp At Glenmary Clubhouse

Apparently homeless people are staying around the Glenmary clubhouse and pool area.  The police have been called several times but say that they cannot do anything about it. 

One of the men, who may have mental issues, was caught in the backyard of a home on Baumler Pl. The homeowner chased him off the property but he kept saying that he was looking for someone that he lost. 

This may be the same man from the Glenmary property who has been seen wandering behind Kohl’s and Circle K.  Glenmary residents have reported that he walks the streets and has arguments with himself and residents. It has been reported that he has tried the doors of several homes. 

Councilman Engel has been informed to see if he can summon help from some agency. 

Please be cautious when outside in Glenmary East especially at night. Lock your doors and close garage doors!