Meeting September 13, 2012

HOA Board Meeting 9-13-12
Meeting called to order at 7:40pm. In attendance: Jason Scott, Karen Bickel, Ken Bickel, Henry Ford, Jim Overturf, and Sharon McDermott

Discussion for Fall News Letter to mailed to all of the neighbors and information to be contained in the letter. Cookout for neighbors meet and greet number 2, rules for snow removal, general meeting date and place, and covenant violations by neighbors. Along with the afore mentioned information, the news letter will contain reminders to the neighbors to keep their pets on leashes when walking, and to maintain control of the animals in their own property. There is still the problem of certain neighbors not complying with the rules of not parking on the grass or parking in the streets.

A problem with the water meter for the entrance irrigation system and the lack of response by LWC in regard to correcting the issue was discussed to bring all of the members up to current status. Louisville Water Company wants to charge and additional $1450 for a meter change and that is not what they had told the landscape company on the original installation. Jason, Ken and Henry are trying to resolve and find a contact at LWC who can understand the situation.

Another cookout/meet&greet is in planning stage. Last time a lot of the neighbors complained about the location of the tent and grill so Jason is going to go door to door on Herring Ct to see what the neighbors want for this year’s location. Information is needed for Fall News Letter. Tentative date is Oct. 20th. Louisville and Kentucky have home games that day. Budget for the cookout and rental for tents and tables were figured, no bouncy this year; it was not used last year due to the wind and it was wasted money.

Discussion for date and time of General Meeting with Elections. Dues are due on March 1st, 2013 with a penalty starting on March 15th, 2013. The General Meeting needs to be after the dues period for the sake of the Treasurer and especially if a new Treasurer is elected to allow for the transition to be more easily implemented. More information regarding the General Meeting and Elections will be announced in the Winter News Letter.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:30.
Minutes submitted by Sharon McDermott, Secretary September 17, 2012

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